5 Email Marketing Tips – The Best Time To Send Business Emails

5 email marketing tips

5 Email Marketing Tips

In email marketing campaign, this is a question that could be frequently asked, what is the best time to send emails so the recipient checks it or go through it? In other words, we can say is there any specific time to get the recipients attention? No one can exactly tell you about the best time for sending emails to get the attention of your clients because it differs with the business, therefore, today we will give some key features to measure your best time of the day for email marketing campaign. 5 Email Marketing Tips.

  • Have a look at the trends:

Industry trends are starting point to measure your best time for email sending. First, you should get the relevant data of that specific industry along with the working hours as well as days. This information will allow you to develop a complete market strategy and you will be able to calculate the best time to approach them. If you got all reliable information relevant to that industry you will also get knowledge about the competitors and their timings it means you are well prepared now to approach your potential recipient.

  • Think about your audience:

If you want to measure the best time for your email campaign, make it sure to think about your audience focus on them, get complete information about their routine. While sending an email you must know they have a spare moment to check your email or not? If you sent an email during their busy and tough time they will simply get irritated and ignore your email. It simply means that you have to think about them in a different way to get noticed by them.

  • Think about your campaign:

It means that after thinking about your audience you should think about your campaign, the results and goals you want to achieve through this email campaign. Think about the timing or schedule proper timing to send an email because after looking at your competition level and your audience’s time schedule you will come to know about your perfect timing. Make it sure the reason of your email message and define inefficiently in the subject line. If you are sending an email to update about some event don’t forget to mention date and time on the subject. It will help your audience to know about the importance of your email.

  • Set the expectations:

Set the expectations mean the expectation of your clients or the expected time when your client want to listen from you. In email marketing setting the expectation is a very important thing and come up with expectation is another important thing and being a marketer or sales person it is your key responsibility to fulfill the customer’s satisfaction.

  • Testing:

The last but important thing is to test your measurement and conclusion, during this testing send email with a different subject to a different group of people with the rotation of time. This testing and its response will tell you about the best time to send an email or communicate your client via email. In the start, it will consume your time but after that, you will get the desired information.


Reach to your audience on right time and at the right place is the main thing to get their attention and a key feature of email marketing. Email is the best way to reach your desired audience because in this way you are sending your message to their inbox and in the industry everyone visits their inbox on regular basis. With the help of above-discussed steps, you can calculate the right time to reach to your client.