Top 7 Cloud ERP Software Scariest Rumors

Top 7 Scariest Rumors about Cloud ERP Software

From the beginning of human life, humans are afraid of everything that was new to them. Before learning and knowing that things. Similarly ERP current innovations are had been gone through different scariest rumors about best Cloud ERP Software before adoption. ERP can cause a massive change that wasn’t being appreciated as they deserve to be. Before being familiar with current successive benefits of Cloud ERP Software, firms do not show deep concerns towards ERP.


Later with the passage of time organizations start evaluating core features ERP, and gradually came out from that scariest rumors’ (about n ERP) period. Let’s have a look to the list of scariest rumors about ERP.

7 Scariest Rumors About Cloud ERP Software

Now I’ll discuss the top scariest rumors about ERP. Although there is list of scares, that fluctuates’ organization’s decisions while choosing  ERP. But I have chosen top 7 rumors. Let’s have a look to each of them:

Scariest Rumors about Cloud ERP Software

1. ERP Consultancy Cost

Before moving to ERP organizations were frightened of being having huge ERP Cost. When you are in market having years of success and now you want switch the new trends. It will be obliviously cause you hasting feeling of diverging into new setups.

While going to new setup, organizations required proper ERP consultancy services. Keep in mind that new decision is totally based on excellence of consultancy. Because no organizations will going to accept it until all quires regarding ERP setup answered clearly. The 1st scariest rumor about ERP was that organization thoughts that it’ll take huge amount of cost for ERP consultancy. SolutionDots have world best Cloud ERP Consultants. Please feel free to contact us.

2. Implementation Cost

The 2nd scariest rumor is ERP implementation cost. Organizations are being threatened of implementing Cloud ERP Software. The world best ERP service providers whose main purpose is giving a relief to their customer shouldn’t bother about cost.

In the begging it was considered a big drawback that ERP implementation cost takes a great part. This is nothing more than a rumor; firms that are giving ERP services worldwide mostly provide their services in cheap rates. Read Top 10  best Cloud ERP Solutions Providers in Saudi Arabia.

3. Implementation Duration

The 3rd most ERP rumor is fear about implementation time. Organizations most of the time are afraid of transferring their setup from traditional ways to new innovation of ERP. The 10 Reasons for Small Businesses To Invest in ERP System.

Before the revolution of  ERP the rumor about ERP implementation had been consider as the scariest one. So being transferring old setups firms is terrified of duration it will take to implement new ERP. Read How to Choose Best ERP Software for your Small Business.

This misconception got resolved later with the passage of time. When organization start believing implementation time get suppress later.

4. ERP Vendor

Organizations usually feel frightened from adopting ERP. Bad ERP vendors have sometimes become a cause of uninspiring firms from welcoming new technologies. You can take over this scariest rumor about ERP simply by following some points below.

While choosing a new technology make yourself well aware about the reputation of vendors. What is your actual business domain size that doesn’t really matter. Don’t waste your money & time blindly. Once you have chosen a vendor make sure move further with price and contract negotiation. Prefer world best experts that should be specialized in ERP with optimal short effective log-term planning. List of 2015 Top 80 ERP Vendors Most Reliable for your Business.

5. Employee Selection

For an organization’s success employee play a role of backbone. You must be very smart and have some sort of knowledge about  ERP. Some organizations just quit from Cloud ERP cause of incompetent and inexpert resources (world class developers).

Don’t mess by taking off from new ERP innovation on the basis of lower expertise. Be wise while screening & hiring valuable resources:

  1. Focus on business improvement and organizational goals.
  2. Employee expertise should match your business need.
  3. Measure technical competencies with our core consulting service.
  4. Chose best contract, contract-to-hire, and/or permanent-hire resources for the job.
  5. Examine Functional and technical expertise.

Hope above point will help you to find right team resources that will help you to chase your dreamed destiny.

6. Employee Training

Most of the time organizations got panic so much about giving training to their employee. In fact it is the most own opportunity an organization can provide to its employees. Employees should be considered as valuable resource to their firms.

Being aware of employee’s importance organization shouldn’t be afraid of investing on their resources. As this is the only way to polish available resources for more effectuate results. SolutionDots provides free support in Selecting ERP Software’s, Requirement’s up gradation and User Manuals for end-user training's.

7. Modules Integration

The last but not the least scariest rumor about Cloud ERP Software was ‘Modules Integration’. The vast domain of Cloud ERP is usually well thought-out as a big challenge for developers to handle all modules at once. Single database systems with bulk of data that need to be hold and managed at most of time think as a big confront.

For expert developer’s module isn’t a big deal. Their skills are far enough to deal such challenges.