Things to be Considered in the Best HR Payroll Software

Things to be Considered in the Best HR Payroll Software

Best HR payroll softwares are designed to ease the life of HR management and administration departments. Nowadays, several software’s are available in the market with advanced features.  While selecting a cloud-based hr and payroll software, you need to be very careful. Every business structure is different and requires specified features to render all operations.

Some essential features to be considered:

Account Management

Payroll software must feature a user management module which allows to set up a particular group of staff as Account Managers. An Account Manager’s login can automatically filter access, alerts, and reminders. Every employee’s profile should be maintained and automatic updating of the account. Employees leaves, payments, salary, deductions, attendance, and successes proper history should be listed. An employee can quickly review its account and check their payroll data.

Cloud Based System

HR Payroll should have integration of cloud service. It must have the capacity to eliminate investments in servers or complicated installation and configuration issues. Employees can access their data remotely. Employees can update their details, download pay slips online any time. Payroll management cloud ensures security, and you never have to worry for data loss. You get total back up of your data, and you can track your employees progress efficiently

User Friendly and Easy Learning

Cloud-based hr and payroll system must have a user-friendly interface. The UI must be easy-to-use and features a small learning curve. The easy UI releases up time for your business and frees you from the hectic payroll systems. Not all software’s are user-friendly and easy in learning, and they require extra training time. Always read payroll software reviews before you choose a provider for your business.

Security and Encryption

The software must utilize firewalls and strong encryption standards. These two traits help in the protection of data from being hacked or intercepted. HR software security generally includes Open SSL encryption with 128-bit or 256-bit protection. Must offer two-factor authentication by which login process will get significantly more secure.

As employee data is precious, and we can’t risk employee being leaked. Additionally, they must feature authorized end-user access.

Minimal setup process

Online payroll software must be efficient enough that no setup process should be required. Even no need to download software, all processing should take placed over the internet. User must directly create an account, add employees, enter payroll period, and run payroll. The system should be easy to use and must safe time. The software must update automatically every month, and new features plus updates should get published on the website. Ensure compliance and mitigate risks level in Workflow procedures.


HR software should be easy to customize. Its modules must have the capacity to adopt the business structure of your organization. An easy to customize software such as DRIVEHR by solutionDots systems are available in the market. You can easily edit and update modules and make setup for your business.

Must contain the following features:

  1. Staff e-record management
  2. Simplify & precise reporting
  3. Staff expense & transport management
  4. Executive privileges management
  5. Performance appraisals and salary matrix maintenance
  6. Compute allowances and process the compensation
  7. Comprehensive resource file organization