Key Features of ERP Event Management System

Saudi ERP & Website Solution Blog     October 17, 2017

An ERP event management system is an innovative invention in the field of management. It is a system that allows the event management system to move with the technology and make the complete process of event management easy and simple and smooth. It allows the event management industry to provide better services and increase the attendee’s satisfaction level. It has upgraded the system of event management and make it easy to plan and value the events of an organization. It manages the complete finance and attendee’s details that could be helpful for reports generation and many another purpose.

Key features of ERP event management system

ERP event management system is important for both small and large organization because it streamlines the process of event management with different tools of technology. Some important key features of an ERP event management system are enlisted below:

1- Registration for an event:

An ERP event management system allows online registration for an event in a dynamic and easy way. It also makes it easy to monitor the registered people and their expectations that would be helpful in providing the best services to the attendees.

2- Payment processing of an event:

An ERP event management system provides the facility of fast and secure online payment processing of an event. It allows the event management to get payment directly in their account from anywhere in the world.

3- Budget management of an event:

An ERP event management system makes the budget management easy because it allows the management team to keep track the funds and expense of an event in efficient manners.

4- On-site functionality of an event:

An ERP management system allows the on-site functionality of an event such as management of event and meeting, create the list of attendee, update the event on social media, and complete allows to manage the complete planning of an event.

5- Complete and customize the reports:

An ERP management system allows the system to complete and customize the reports of the system with real time data and required a format.

6- Management of workflow:

An ERP event management manages the workflow at equal level by creating the task list of staff according to their responsibilities and manages to send the invitations, reminder, and other event related emails automatically. The employee to-do list will also help in the tracking of the performance of staff in efficient and effective manners.

7- Increase the accessibility:

An ERP management system is easily accessible to management as well as the attendee. It allows the web as well as mobile registration to the attendee and on the other side it also allows complete access to the management the through web or mobile.

8- Scalability of an event:

An ERP management system allows changing the scalability of an event according to the need and requirement of an event as well as the organization. It is a helping tool to manage the staff for either large events or small meeting.


These are the key feature of an ERP event management system but along with these features, there are a lot of other features that could be easily seen in the system. An ERP event management system has completely changed the approach to management and increased the understanding in a positive way. It has customized the activities according to the requirement of time.