Best Production Planning Software Guide : Step By Step

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Production Planning Software Guide

In this guide, I will show you the core points related to the Production Planning Software. As a new learner or an end user of ERP System you need to know all about Production Planning Software. Here i have tried to cover every points related to Production Planning Software like

  1. What is Production Planning Software
  2. Purpose of Production Planning Software
  3. Objectives of Production Planning Software
  4. Benefits of Production Planning Software
  5. Why Production Planning Software and Production Planning & control (PPC) are essential for operating unit
  6. Fundamentals problems solved by Production Planning Software function PPC
  7. Benefits of using Production Planning Software and PPC
  8. Top Production Planning Software’s

All these points will not only add knowledge to your mind, but they will also rectify lots misconceptions about the Production Planning Software.


Here are Top Chapter of Production Planning Software.

The Production Planning is the process of establishing an overall level of output, called the production plan. Planning is essential for firms to work in an efficient way to control every aspects of business. Planning always fails due to lack of uncertainty in vision, objective, goals and inadequate preparation. Business firms use different types of Production Planning Software’s to do all their operations and tasks. By using Production Planning Software we can manage that what work should be done and how much time will be taken to perform work tasks.

"Production Planning Software is essential for scheduling, dispatch, inspection, quality management, supply management, equipments management and inventory management."

The Production Planning Software is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that firms need to meet with basic concepts of what to produce, how much need to produce and when to produce etc. Firms need to build production planning strategies in order to meet demands forecast. Carefully developed production planning software allows companies to minimize cost, inventory, production rates, employees and maximize utilization of plant, equipment’s and customer services.

  1. Production Planning Software ensures that at the time of production right quality and quantity of raw materials, equipment’s etc. are available to complete production process.
  2. Production Planning Software ensures that utilization of resources is always ready to meet forecast demands all the time.

Many Production Planning ERP software’s are available in market now days. Below some main objective of Production Planning Software is defined check it out:

  1. Utilization of resources effectively
  2. Flow of Production
  3. Estimation of resources
  4. Optimum inventory
  5. Coordination of department’s activities
  6. Minimize consumption of raw materials
  7. Improves productivity of labor
  8. Market competition
  9. Ideal work environment
  10. Quality improvement facility
  11. Consumer satisfaction
  12. Reduce production cost

Top 12 Objectives of Production planning software

The main function and objectives of Production Planning Software is to minimize production time, costs and maximize efficiency in the workplace. Now I’m going to discuss each objective of Production Planning Software one by one, let’s have a look:

1. Utilization of Resources Effectively

Production Planning Software helps firms to utilize their resources efficiently and effectively in order to achieve high returns for the organization.

2. Flow of Production

Production Planning Software ensures a steady flow of production within an organization. That all its components are working and supply to customers is up to date.

3. Estimation of Resources

Production Planning Software helps to estimate various resources like men, materials, machinery etc. By monitoring sales, we can plan production according to our sales.

4. Optimum Inventory

Production Planning Software ensures optimum inventory and prevents over stocking or under stocking. Raw material is maintained properly to meet production demands any time and other necessary stocks are also maintained to fulfill needs.

5. Coordination of Department’s Activities

Production Planning Software helps to coordinate all departments of a firm with each other i.e. marketing department coordinate with the production department to sell goods. 

6. Minimize Consumption of Raw Materials

Production Planning Software minimizes wastage of raw materials and ensures the production of quality products.

7. Improves Productivity of Labor

Production Planning Software improves labor productivity and maximized utilization of manpower. Training is provided to the workers and profits are shared with workers inform of increased wages & incentives.

8. Market Competition

Production Planning Software helps to give delivery of goods in time to customers and it’s all because of regular flow of quality production. So a company can survive in the market and compete with others.

9. Ideal Work Environment

Production Planning Software provides better work environment for to its workers. Workers get better working conditions, proper working hours, leaves, holidays and increase in wages plus other incentives because the company is working efficiently.

10. Quality Improvement Facility

Production Planning Software assists quality improvements because production is checked on a daily basis. Consciousness of quality is groomed in workers through proper training sessions and counseling. 

11. Consumer Satisfaction

Production Planning Software helps to give a regular supply of goods and services to its consumers at fair prices. Because of good services it results in consumer satisfaction.

12. Reduce Production Cost

Production Planning Software allows firms to optimum utilization of their resources and wastage. The software helps to maintain inventory sizes optimum and reduce production costs ultimately. Read Top 5 Advantages of Supply Chain Management.

Production Planning Software ensures that whole production process is streamlined and provides following benefits to firms are mainly these below:

  1. Software facilitates organizations to deliver end products in a regular manner in given time span.
  2. Software reduces the investment of inventory.
  3. It reduce overall firm’s production cost of driving in efficiency.
  4. Firms who are using software can alert its suppliers in advance for required raw materials

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Production planning and control both are essential for success of an operating unit. The benefits of production planning & production planning and control (PPC) are as follows

  1. Manage all the operations in a manufacturing unit of an organization.
  2. Ensure that inventory stock is not over stock or either under stock and keeps it at an optimum level of time by production planning and control (PPC).
  3. Firm’s use Production Planning Software and PPC to increase the turnover time because it ensures that production time is kept at optimum levels.
  4. Ensure that the production team will achieve production targets in time.
  5. Optimize the utilization of resources, quality management and cost savings.
  6. The main purpose of Production Planning Software and PPC is to low productivity, inventory and resource utilization.
  7. Check all aspects of production process and also maintained the quality of final product always.

Production Planning Software and production planning & control (PPC) solve major problems of firms from starting point to till end product result. Hurdles solve by Production Planning Software are described below, check it out.

1. Materials

Production Planning Software function PPC ensured that the raw materials, standard finishing parts of the products must be ready while production department need them.

2. Methods

Production Planning Software and PPC is concerned with analysis of manufacturing methods. Production Planning Software provides appropriate solution and facilities in difficult circumstances.

3. Equipments & Machines

Production Planning Software always try that manufacturing, product should be related to the available production facilities. Production planning and control (PPC) function is fully concerned with analysis of the production facilities, maintains procedures and equipment’s policies.

4. Routing

Production Planning Software and (PPC) manage the sequence of operations and processes that are followed in producing particular finish products. PPC resolve issues in manufacturing operations and sequence facing hurdles.

5. Estimation

Production Planning Software function production planning and control (PPC) is concerned with operations estimate timing. If firm manages the methods and sequence of operations by the PPC process sheet for each operation step is available.

6. Scheduling & Loading

Production Planning Software manages that machines should be loaded according to their capacity and capabilities. Production planning and control (PPC) component deal with preparations of machine loads, fixation and completion date to fulfill the specific operation task.

7. Dispatching

Production Planning Software and (PPC) help out firms to complete the orders task at given time. And make sure that the end product is ready to dispatch after inspection and evaluation.

8. Inspection

Production Planning Software also provides the feature of inspection which is an important tool in production planning and control short form PPC. After dispatching end product assessment is necessary to maintain quality and repute of the firm.

9. Evaluation

Production planning software function PPC provide evaluation facility to control integral parts operations. By feedback mechanism on the long term basis past experience can be evaluated and improvements can be done in utilization & facilities.

A numbers of benefits organization can enjoy, while using the Production Planning Software and PPC are as follows:

  1. Regulate inventory management and organize production schedules.
  2. Optimize utilization of resources and production process.
  3. Ensured the smooth flow of production processes
  4. Improve bottom line saves production cost.
  5. Control wastage of resources.
  6. Make standards of quality through the production life cycle.

Production Planning Software and PPC can’t be same across all organization, it depend on production nature either it is job oriented, service oriented etc. It also depends on operation nature and size.

Enterprise Resource Production Planning Software for small to large sized businesses helps to grow our business by reducing costs and increase in profitability. ERP Production Planning Software is the basic need of production companies now days.

When you start a business, you need to manage all activities manually but don’t worry about these problems because you can manage your business with the help of ERP Production Planning Software. This list of Production Planning Software will give you idea of the production process and control of every aspect related to production or manufacturing. Now all you need is to compare a list of top 5 Production Planning Software’s with your business type check it out:

1. E2 Shop System Software

E2 Production Planning Software (ERP) by Shoptech Corporation manages all business operations from estimating to scheduling, purchasing, shipping, customer management and accounting. Production planning software support Windows operating system and small to midsize corporations can use it.

2. Cloud ERP Based Supply chain Management System (SCM)

Supply Chain Management (SCM) developed by SolutionDot is production planning software ERP solution. The SCM Production Planning Software provide solution for accounting, business intelligence, CRM, human resources, inventory, manufacturing and project management. SCM production planning software is mainly for small and midsized businesses.

3. FishBowl Manufacturing

Fishbowl manufacturing ERP Production Planning Software is designed for small to midsized business companies looking for a complete inventory management system. Production planning software supports windows, Mac and Linux operating platforms.

4. ExactJobBOSS Software

Exact JobBOSS ERP Production Planning Software is used for quoting, planning and manufacturing execution systems. Production Planning Software is mostly adopted by small and midsize business firms. Production Planning Software supports Windows operating platforms.

5. SAP- Manufacturing Software

SAP manufacturing ERP Production Planning Software founded in 1972 and provides solution for over 100,000 businesses users of small to large sized worldwide Production Planning Software allow user to integrate with all manufacturing operations and support Mac, Windows and Linux operating platforms.

At the end we can conclude that enterprise resource planning (ERP) Production Planning Software has provided new ways to handle problems faced by organization in the production unit. Production Planning Software and production planning & control (PPC) practices vary widely from organization to organization and plant to plant. Production Planning Software has given confidence to manufacturing organizations to raise their goals high and set new ones. ERP Production Planning Software turns the production processes in an automated way to handle in a better way. In this article we have defined that why Production Planning Software are necessary because every organization wants to minimize production cost, time and maximize efficiency in the workplace. Read The Definitive Guide of Supply Chain Management.

In this article you can also see key objectives of Production Planning Software and with description. Advantages and objectives of production planning & control (PPC) and how Production Planning Software and (PPC) both work within an organization for its benefit. Regardless of size and type many Production Planning Software are available in the market for every organization. You can easily choose the best Production Planning Software, ERP suite for your own business from small sized to large.

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