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We all know the popular saying “Health is Wealth”. In modern era of technology just like others fields of science ‘Healthcare ERP’ field also need essential improvement. As we know it’s the most indispensable & important as compared to other because it’s a basic need of a Human Being.

Adapt new changing in Healthcare ERP.

Just like other fields of science massive changes are being sweeping in HealthCare Science business & dramatically impacting on it. There is no other way except adapt & quickly respond to these changes & compete if you want to survive!

Provide Best Possible Patient Care with Integrated Hospital Information System!

SolutionDots is the leading provider of innovation Hospital Information System & Hospital Information Software Solutions that transform the administrative & clinical operations of health care organizations of all sizes.

SolutionDots Healthcare ERP Software designed exclusively to renovate and optimize business processes that meet today’s and tomorrow’s healthcare industry challenges. We offer you all facilities related to hospital management like patient’s appointment, patient, doctor’s records, fee management, online patient’s appointment etc.

HealthCare ERP Software Key Features:

  • Improve Visibility & Transparency.
  • Streamline Accurate Reporting.
  • Improved Customer Services.
  • Improved Quality Control.
  • Improved Management Visibility.
  • Unlimited User Support.
  • Single Data Base Management System.
  • Improved Time Management.
  • Ease to Access System Facilities.

HealthCare ERP Software Modules:

  • Patient Management System.
  • Doctor Management System.
  • Drugs Management System.
  • Administrative Rights Management System.
  • Online Appointment Management System.
  • Patient Payment System.
  • Invoice System.
  • Medical Services System.
  • Doctor Services Report System.
  • Pharmacy (Medicine) Management System.
  • Lab Test System.

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