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SolutionDots honored to give away Consultancy services to their clients. Our expert’s team is designed in a way to provide you a road map to achieve your goals & chase your dreams. Our firm collaboration & cooperative environment with clients & customer always let them feels home. Our strategy includes being focused on Client’s Business Needs, Core Objective of business & support to their long-term Goals. We consult with companies confidentially in order to take technology related decisions. Our consultancy planed organized in a way, which prioritized customer needs as:

  • Product Requirements: Identify, analyze & prioritized product core requirements. Deep examine of software requirement specification plan (SRS).
  • System Requirements: Our professional consultants equipped with all of features that flourish your system step wise. Plan, analyze your system, categorized your system requirements. Our requirement matrix plan will prioritized each requirement on the basis of priority level. System requirements are usually slightly changeable, so can mold it somehow.
  • User Requirements: A good set of user requirements are needed for all projects especially computer projects. User Requirement Document cannot specify correctly about what a system should do? But up to some extent it have deadline of Project Deliver, Project Budget & Project Functions. User Requirements are further divided into three types as:
  1. Functional Requirements_ What a system will do? These are slightly changed able.
  2. Non-Functional Requirements_ Constrains about functional requirements including development & performance, not change able.
  3. Design Objectives_ Guidelines to use while selecting an option of offered designed.

We’ll take your business to the Next Level!

Our customer’s trust is cleared evidence of delivering consistent & successful results. SolutionDots have worked thousands of customers over the world. Our experience & knowledge will help you to set new targets & follow your dreams. SolutionDots is proud of offering their services in consultancy field as well. By our services you cannot only flourish your business but also become capable to raise your profitability graph.

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