Welcome to SolutionDot

We welcome you on board at SolutionDot. Our team consists of expert professionals who are experienced in providing IT Solutions and also in software developments of different products. We cater to businesses of all sizes and offer solutions of the problems related to them. Security, reliability and efficiency are our top priorities.

We know that you want to keep pace with the latest technological standards in this competitive market of today. SolutionDot knows your concerns and is doing its best to gain the trust of the customers. We believe in the provision of excellence, quality, and continued efforts to remove any deficiencies and work collectively for the productivity of your organization.

hospital information system software
hospital software system

A comprehensive Healthcare Management System to ensure a comfortable and sound treatment experience for the patients. Functionality, integrity and mobility of hospital events is our main concern that we address. Our hospital management software is rich in features, extremely easy to use, and streamlines are the operations to run the management without any hassle.

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his systems
hr payroll

DriveHR is an innovative system for HR and payroll management of the employees. It manages all the employee related tasks starting from their recruitment, their performances, their payroll, their incentives based on performance, and data analytics.SolutionDot has developed DriveHR to make human resource management as convenient for you as possible.

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school software
best school management software

Our School Management Software, TotalSchool, is the best and most comprehensive solution to manage all the school related tasks and management processes without any disturbance, in the most effective way. It brings the staff, parents, students and administration on a single page and everyone uses this software to work in a collective manner. It eases up the life of every related person by streamlining all the processes.

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Our Industry Expertise

  • retail-consumer-services
    Retail & Consumer Services

    Customized solutions for your retail business with a keen attention on customer satisfaction

  • hospital ehr software

    Optimized features to manage your health industry with maximum efficiency.

  • manufacturing

    Helps to gain maximum productivity with minimized risks for your manufacturing business.

  • telecom

    Allows you to keep pace with the latest telecom industry challenges by providing comprehensive solutions.

  • travel-logestics
    Travel & Logistics

    Most reliable and innovative solutions with smooth and uninterrupted network services.

Streamline Business Administration with Total

SDSuite ERP developed by SolutionDot is equally beneficial for businesses of all sizes. The most important thing is that it manages finance, inventory, HR, payroll and more, all under one single database. By managing all the processes in an efficient manner, Our SDSuite ERP assists you to increase productivity, and improves your control towards the organization in running different operations.

Cloud Business Solutions

What is SaaS?

Software as a Service

Unlike traditional methods accessing different things, SaaS offers a new and improved approach to accessing software.
Subscribe and use whenever you want. Unsubscribe and leave whenever you want. You don't have to purchase it fully. Just pay for the services you want on a monthly or yearly basis. You can access it easily from anywhere at anytime. Location restrictions are now eliminated. SaaS is highly scalable that could be connected to the users over the internet.