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Enterprise Fixed Asset Tracking Software Personalized to You

CloudAssets is the best asset tracking software solution that justifies all your business requirements. It offers all essential software, hardware as well as asset tags that are required to implement. CloudAsset trusted by the organizations because it is a comprehensive and feature-rich asset tracking software solution in the industry. It is a comprehensive one window available solution from the single service provider.

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IT Asset Tracking & Management

CloudAssets offers perception to control the lifecycle of IT Assets and allows the strategic decisions within your business.

Equipment Tracking

CloudAsset permits the monitoring of all significant equipment and makes it easier to track and manage a variety of assets.

Facility Management

Manual management of similar assets in large quantity is critical as well as time-consuming. CloudAssets simplifies and expedite the process


Save Time and Money

CloudAssets is a software solution available to enhance the fixed asset tracking. It is a comprehensive ERP Solution that offers all asset tracking insights with easier financial reporting, maintenance, and automatic depreciative approaches. Organizational fixed assets are easy to track for all types of businesses equally.