Event Management System

Keep your Business Synchronized, and Product Flow Efficient.

ERP event management system has become an important approach to improve the performance and time of the management. It helps the organization or the event managers to streamline the workflow and maximizing the performance of the staff. It is an efficient way of organizing the events, meetings, and the conferences. By keeping an eye on its importance SolutionDot USA has developed an ERP event management system as a solution of all problems related to the industry of an even management. ERP event management system developed by SolutionDot is an excellent and efficient solution with a lot of facilities for the management team and attendees. We are discussing the ERP event management system developed by SolutionDot.

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Features offered by SolutionDot

ERP event management system is important for both small and large organization because it streamlines the process of event management with different tools of technology. The key features of ERP EMS developed by SolutionDot are:

Reduce Budget: EMS developed by SolutionDot has reduced the budget management of an event by cutting down its difference expenses.

Online Payment: It provides the facility of online payment and allows the attendee to get register at the global level.

Email Notifications: It offers the email notifications of the event updates to the attendees.

Improve Attendee Experience: It improves the attendee's experience with proper updates and complete protocol.

Customized Attendee Notifications: It allows the attendee to customize their notifications.

Streamline Events Management: It streamline the complete process of event management.

Simplified Reporting: EMS developed by SolutionDot stores the records and simplifies the reporting.

Transaction Charges: It doesn’t have any transaction charges that keep the attendee and the event manager relax.

Export Reports in the desired format: It allows to generate and export the different report in their desired format.

Single DataBase System: The single database of EMS helps in keeping the record accurate and safe.

Powerful Marketing: It is a helpful software solution that allows the powerful marketing through different social networks.

Multiple Events Promotion: EMS developed by SolutionDot is also efficient enough for the promotion of multiple events.

Event History: It is a comprehensive solution that keeps the complete history of the of event safe.

Waitlist Management: It allows the waitlist to the attendees after completing the required attendee.

Event Management System (EMS) of SolutionDot is covering a huge number of modules

The essential modules according to the Event Size & Domain are:
  • Attendee Management
  • Events Booking
  • Events Management
  • Payments & Checkouts
  • Document & Services Management
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Product Bundling