Healthcare ERP Software

Our healthcare industry needs the improvement with the change of technology, this improvement includes the patient care and complete hospital information management along with patient records. We all have heard that “Health is Wealth” so it is important to have good health for the purpose of the development of the country.

Healthcare ERP Software solution

SolutionDot is providing an ERP health management system that is the comprehensive solution to all health related issues. You can provide complete healthcare to the patients with innovative ideas in the clinic as well as in the hospital environment.

SolutionDot USA ERP Hospital Management System designed exclusively to renovate and optimize business processes that meet today’s and tomorrow’s healthcare industry challenges. We offer you all facilities related to hospital management like patient’s appointment, patient, doctor’s records, fee management, online patient’s appointment etc.

What SolutionDot offers in Healthcare ERP Software?

SolutionDot is offering various features in their ERP Hospital Management System by keeping in view the plans healthcare management.

Improve Visibility & Transparency: ERP Hospital Management System improves the visibility and transparency in the complete management process as well as the records of the hospital

Streamline Accurate Reporting: It is helping in streamlining the accurate reporting with the help of efficient and precise records.

Improved Customer Services: ERP Hospital Management System developed by SolutionDot progresses the customer services of the hospital or the clinic.

Improved Quality Control: It increases the quality control on the services of the hospital.

Improved Management Visibility: ERP Hospital Management System developed by SolutionDot improved the management visibility of hospital, all data regarding the patient, doctor and medicine could be seen by any department easily.

Unlimited User Support: It allows limitless user support at any time assistance is required by the client.

Single Data Base Management System: Hospital Management System developed by SolutionDot is allowing complete data to store in the same database which increases the efficiency, reduce the cost, simplifies the infrastructure and helpful in multiple reporting.

Improved Time Management: It improves the time management and allows getting access to any required data or information with one click.

Ease to Access System Facilities: Hospital Management System developed by SolutionDot make it easy to get access to the management system facilities for the authorized users and keep it safe from unauthorized users.

Further module division of Healthcare ERP Software

ERP Hospital Management System is future divided into different modules to improve the services.

  • Patient Management System
  • Doctor Management System
  • Drugs Management System
  • Administrative Rights Management System
  • Online Appointment Management System
  • Invoice System
  • Medical Services System
  • Doctor Services Report System
  • Lab Test System
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