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Retail POS

WorrkBox is a perfect POS solution for your retail business. It improves the business efficiency by streamlining that tasks and eliminating gaps. It is specially designed with simple user interface to speed up the retail business and maximize customer satisfaction. Real-time inventory management, product tracking, and electronic invoices let the customer enjoy their purchase.


Transform your Tablet and Smartphone into Mobile Point of Sales



Our POS assists you with electronic invoices for the customers to make payments as easy for them as possible


Customer Profile Creation

Customer sale history could be easily tracked and maintained by creating their profiles to enhance their engagement.


Easy Email Marketing

Email marketing software by WorrkBox supports you in sending promotional messages and sharing event updates.


Enhanced Store Operations

It provides real-time business insights to improve various operations including customer, inventory, finance and sales management.


Start Selling Gift Cards

Gift and business cards can be easily selected and customized with available designs without any monthly subscription and redemption fees.


Staff Mobilization

WorrkBox mobilizes the staff with the support of their smartphones and tablets.


Single Account, Multiple Locations

It is quite easier to edit menu, update pricing & promotions, employee timecards remotely by accessing the dashboard.


Reporting Tool

Create, customize and filter reports instantly according to the requirement for business growth track.


Restaurant POS

By using WorrkBox, in your restaurant, all processes could be streamlined and smooth. It became easier to make orders, issue invoices, apply discounts, and update quantities and all other operations.

Coffee Shop POS

POS system speed up the cash management, minimize serving time and improve various other procedures. It allows the coffee shop to take orders, stock tracking, and electronic invoice generation.

Other Business Types

  • Bakeries
  • Coffee Shops
  • Gift Shops
  • Specialty Food Shops
  • Convenience Store
  • Ice Cream Shops
  • Boutiques
  • Candy Shops
While selecting a POS system for your business to ensure its efficiency. A reliable solution improves inventory, customer, and staff tracking with the time-saving and cost-effective approach. Customize your counter with innovative POS solutions.

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