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Smart and Speed Up Recruitment

RectBox is a comprehensive staffing solution that streamlines the procedure starts form job posting till hiring. It is comparatively 60% faster and most productive solution with an intuitive interface. It supports at every step of hiring and deliver via SaaS model. Our unique and user-friendly interface has eliminated the miss-hiring.

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Parsing Eliminate the Errors & Saves Your Time

Save your time and find out the most reliable resources for your business. Parsing engine available in RectBox make it easier to extract all relevant information – no matter where you find it.

For In-house Recruitment

While staffing for an organization, recruiters seek for the right candidate that perfectly meet their job requirements. It improves candidate’s experience by accelerating their engagement.


For Recruitment Agencies

Being a recruitment agency, filling up job openings with right candidate at right time by streamlining all operations and centralizing the information really matters.

Speed Up your Staffing with RectBox – Cloud-Based Recruitment Software

RectBox is most reliable recruitment software solution for both in-house and staffing agencies. It efficiently manages the entire recruitment workflow for productive hiring that accurately meets job requirement through successful assessments and effective plans.