Our School Management System is a multipurpose school management cloud software, an innovative and powerful user-friendly interface used by hundreds of educational institutions like Schools, Colleges, Training Centres, and Universities etc.

With the passage of time, new technologies are taking place of old traditional environment of managing informative data. So it’s important for an organization to manage all data and work in a professional way in order to save time and money both. But these days our school difficult to manage each student statement. But by using TotalSchool System it will be accessible and easy to use and maintain Check balance of a single student. SolutionDot Offering Best School Management System for their customers. We have developed a TotalSchool System that is being demanded all the education systems’ worldwide.

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One Product to
Manage Everything.

  • Online Student Registration Form
  • Electronic Entry Test
  • Paperless Administration
  • Student Approval Center
  • Invoice Management
  • Student Dues Management
  • Parent Family Management
  • Student Fee plan & Instalments Management
  • Student Information
  • Electronic Student Attendance
  • Student Access
  • Parent Access
  • Teacher Access and Management
  • Online Student fee Statement view
  • Online Student Attendance view
  • Online Student Result view
  • Parent Mobile notifications
  • Student Announcements
  • Teachers Time Table
  • Exam Management
  • Result Management
  • Transportation Management
  • School Account Management
  • School Inventory Management
  • School assets Management
  • School HR Management
  • Web Based System
  • Highly Reliable
  • User Management
  • User Privileges and Logs Management

What SolutionDot is offering in School Management System?

SolutionDot are offering a lot of features in TotalSchool Systems that completely changed the style of management.

Online Student Registration Form: TotalSchool systems provides the online student registration forms to the students.

Electronic Entry Test: It allows electronic entry test and reduces the usage of papers.

Paperless Administration: It allows the administration to complete their tasks such as fees, admission and records online.

Student Approval Center: In this section, students could easily review that after entry test their admission is approved or not as well as the administration will approve or reject the request in this section.

Invoice Management: It allows the administration to manages the invoices of admission, entry test, monthly invoice etc.

Student Dues Management: In TotalSchool record of students dues could be easily managed, administration, student, and parents can easily check fee records.

Student Information: TotalSchool also keeps the profile record of all students like their name, address, contact and semester details etc.

Electronic Student Attendance: Electronic Student Attendance helps to maintain records of present students automatically.

Student Access: TotalSchool is accessible to students so they may able to view their study scheme, timetable announcements etc.

Parent Access: It is also accessible to the parents and makes them able to track the study history of their children without visiting the school.

Teacher Access and Management: Teachers can easily access or manage TotalSchool, they can update student’s record and any change is study scheme.

Exam Management: Now you can manage the Exam related tasks like a PRO with the help of Our Efficient software

Result Management: After exams, a big problem was managing the result at all aspects but again TotalSchool has taken this responsibility and all record manages easily.

School Account Management: It has taken the responsibility to manage all your accounts and make administration free from this accountability.

School Inventory Management: SolutionDot’s School Management System make administration easy by sharing almost all responsibilities, it also manages the inventory of school.

School HR Management: TotalSchool also has taken the responsibility of HR management. Now hiring new staff is also a very easy task for administration.

The Web Based System: TotalSchool is a web based system you just need to have an internet connection and can access it from any computer at anywhere.

Highly Reliable: TotalSchool is a highly reliable software that manages all of your working in school management efficiently.

User Management: TotalSchool manages all the record updated by users. It also allows the administration to manage the user by itself, they can add, edit or delete the user data modestly.

Student Fee plan & Instalments Management: School Management System efficiently manages the fee plan as well as the installments for students automatically.

Most Trusted Cloud Infrastructure

CloudSuite of SolutionDot has combined the industrial expertise that distinguished user’s experience with world’s most trusted infrastructure from Amazon Web Services. Now grow your business by getting the advantage of Amazon’s expertise.