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SolutionDot, a name of trust and reliability in the field of business and technology, is a company which deals in all types of software solutions related to your business organizations. The company comprises of a panel of experienced and able developers, designers and marketers. Data security, innovative solutions and 24/7 customer services are our top priorities.

We live in a fast paced world where the market competition is increasing with every passing day. In order to keep up with the pace of global world, you need to switch to technological methods to run your daily business mechanisms. Keeping this in view, SolutionDot has developed software programs for every business aspect. We know the requirements of our customers and believe in providing them excellent & effective IT solutions.

hospital information system software
hospital software system

A complete healthcare management system to improve your hospital experience, MedicalFusion by SolutionDot is the best management software for the tasks related to a hospital. A feature-rich, innovative, comprehensive and easy to use software is here that would optimize the hospital experience of a common person. It is equally beneficial for both the patients and the medical staff. Streamline all of your projects to understand and manage them in a better way.

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his systems
hr payroll

Keep your employees satisfied using DriveHR by SolutionDot. A creative software that takes care of all the management related to your employees starting from their hiring to calculating their monthly salaries. Keep track of their performances and announce appraisals accordingly. DriveHR is the software that would totally optimize your HR department.

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school software
best school management software

TotalSchool, a school management software by SolutionDot is the most beneficial school software required to handle the management related to the school. A software that brings together the staff, students and parents on a single platform so that they could work together for the bright future of the nation. The processes are streamlined and everyone enjoys his own customized portal.

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Our Industry Expertise

  • retail-consumer-services
    Retail & Consumer Services

    Give customer care services by offering customized solutions for your retail business.

  • hospital ehr software

    Transform your healthcare industry using our innovative solutions.

  • manufacturing

    Increase your profits via manufacturing using minimum of the company resources.

  • telecom

    Keep pace with the fast growing telecom industry by understanding and providing best solutions.

  • travel-logestics
    Travel & Logistics

    Like all other covered industries, SolutionDot also takes care of Travels & Logistics by offering complete management solutions.

Grow your Business quickly with Total
BusinessCloud ERP

SolutionDot launched BusinessCloud ERP for business of every size & type. No matter which department you are talking about, this business ERP software handles everything for you. Manage inventory, sales, purchases, accounts, finance and HRM with the help of these comprehensive ERP systems. Now you can run your business with ease and a relaxed mind.

Cloud Business Solutions

What is SaaS?

Software as a Service

SaaS offers a latest & creative method to access a software.
The best thing is that you can subscribe and unsubscribe according to your needs There is no need to pay heavy annual fees for subscriptions. Use according to your limits. Pay for the services you need on a monthly or yearly basis. Handle such software from anywhere at anytime. SaaS works on cloud technology which makes it extremely scalable.