Building a connection among things drives positive results


Strong Devices Collaboration – Excellent Outcomes

Internet of things, a term that is known to many these days. A collection of interrelated devices. The aim is to get added advantages with a mutual connection between the things under consideration. The major plus is that it dramatically helps in the positive growth of your business as well as home infrastructure. IoT connects all the related things of one domain, and the elements then work for the mutual betterment of any organization.


Consumer & Home IoT

Smart Homes

We can provide you with the latest smart home technology, which can control all the necessary household features for you like managing lights, climate, entertainment appliances. The security system can be an added advantage. The software implementation would be under multi-tenancy to avoid complexity and extra efforts.


Wearable technology is another example of the internet of IoT. We can create web and mobile-based apps along with the sensors. It will allow you to exchange data with your customers for better customer-retailer dealings. It could be a significant boost to your growing business.

Healthcare Devices

Our IoT implementation also offers smart healthcare devices to bring a refreshing change in the health industry. The patients and hospital staff both can take advantage of this service. Patients' treatment experience might be enhanced positively with added features like location tracking, communication proficiencies, and remote monitoring.

Connected Cars

User-friendly, rich in features, flexible implementation of solutions for vehicle industry that will allow the vehicle to share data with the devices both inside and outside of the cars.


Enhance Your Outcomes with Our IoT services

IoT Services

SolutionDot has a team of experienced and wise advisors who will guide you through the primary and high profile business-related procedures to help you productively implementing your plans.

IoT Advisory

SolutionDot will transform all your network operations with the help of IoT services.

IoT Utility Services

We will be providing the best business solutions for you to make you competitive for the challenges of the modern era.


Our technical support will ensure solutions for better business efficiency, increased and efficient networking, low expenditures, high productivity, and enhanced profits. It will help you in the growth of your business.