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Human Capital Management Software

Revolutionize your Company’s Most Significant Resource

SolutionDot produces an innovative and unique software for your company that would help in the management of the employees. Human Capital Management (HCM) Software is a system for employee staffing that considers the staff members as resources whose value can be determined and some more efforts can enhance their value which can be called an investment.

HCM manages the workers in the most productive way by using as lesser finance as possible. It offers cost effective and creative solutions to manage your workforce in the most convenient manner.

SolutionDot gives a closer attention to workforce planning, time & finance management, hiring plan, performance management, and reporting.

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    What is SolutionDot is offering in HCM?

    SolutionDot has developed a complete and rich-featured software solution for human capital management of your organization which is offering the following key features:

    Automation & Streamlined Flow: HCM software offers automated processes with streamlined reporting.

    Single Database: You can manage every employee related task under a single database system in the name of DriveHCM by SolutionDot.

    Report Generation: Generate accurate and detailed reports from the given information.

    Performance Management: Record performance of every employee and motivate the ones who are performing good enough.

    Payroll Management: Manage the salaries of the employees with fast and error free mechanisms using the module of payroll.

    Workforce Management: Handle workforce to increase the output & productivity.

    Covered Modules

    • HRM Human Resource Management:
    • Talent Management
    • Time Tracking
    • Workflow planning & analytic
    • Absence Management
    • Payroll Solutions
    • Recruitment strategies
    • Organization Management
    • Find Top Talented Employee