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Grab and manage complete insights of talent, labor, and investment with HCM. A software solution that integrates finance and payroll.

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Empower the Organizational Resources To Maximize their Worth!

Our HCM Software is an efficient solution to enhance the resources work capability. It empowers the management to seek the right talent, engage employees, and develop future leaders in an efficient way. SolutionDot have designed Human Capital Management especially for business management and HR department including directors, executive, CEO, payroll professionals, supervisors, and recruiters.

HCM system helps in empowering employees and strengthening their voice within the company. We provide you with a system that enhances your organization's workforce abilities.

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DriveHCM Specific Features

Our human capital management software unites various aspects of HR, recruitment, talent management and payroll in a single comprehensive cloud-based solution.
  • Delivers a framework to HR department for staff assessment.
  • Tracks and manages resource information including their personal, performance and previous employment information.
  • A flexible payroll system to handle even composite computations.
  • HCM training module boosts the employee learning with modernizing approach.
  • A strategic human resource management system to support the administration for workforce engagement and performance management.
  • Accurate decision making via HCM reporting module.
  • An efficient communication platform connecting resources to management.
  • Streamlined recruitment process with enhanced candidate engagement.
  • Successful relationship management via HCM talent management system.
  • Flexible platform to configure solutions that meets your business requirements.
Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

  • A signal data base to unify all resources records.
  • Arranges resources in regards to their reporting structure.
  • Guarantee operational monitoring and security to reduce risks.
  • Helps to grow business according to defined HR standards.
  • Optimizes staff performance and leaves.
  • Proactive notifications to management
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  • Provides enhanced recruiting process with expanded facilities.
  • Candidate communication feature empowers the recruiter.
  • Improved procedural transparency to all management departments
  • Eliminates error occurrence with well-organized management
  • Facilitates candidate engagement and collaboration with efficiency.
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Performance Management

Performance Management

  • Hr talent management simplifies the performance management process.
  • Advance goal setting, delivery and feedback management
  • Lessen the time-consumption in administrative tasks
  • Convey real-time performance insights
  • Keeps the employees more engaged and productive
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  • Talent management feature Engage employees through career growing trainings
  • Accelerate the learning and career development through effective growth strategies
  • Efficiently grips all aspects of training
  • Measure training effectiveness through precise reporting
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  • Drives market competitive packages to retain employees and attract new candidates.
  • HCM solutions Plan, evaluate and executive compensation plans
  • Streamline the process of compensation plan development
  • Encourage the investment to efficient and productive team
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  • One Stop Solution
  • Streamlined information flow
  • Continues skill development
  • Easy Payroll & Staff Management
  • Cost-Effective
  • Most Reliable Solution
  • Could be Scale Up and Down
  • Best Fit in Requirements
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Payroll Management

Payroll Management

  • HCM software solutions supports organization with flexible payroll system
  • Advance financial insights with instant reporting
  • Comprehensively manages HR operation that affects payroll
  • Delivers on-time payments to employees
  • Automatically manages employee's pay according to updated compensation plans
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Time & Absence

Time & Absence

  • Efficiently handle the resources anywhere, anytime
  • Employee’s leaves requests could be managed easily
  • Automatic rules and calculation minimize compliance risk
  • Provide decision support for global workforce
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Top-class Cloud infrastructure

SolutionDot CloudSuite combines proven industry expertise, differentiated user experience, and top-class infrastructure from Amazon Web Services. This allows customers to take advantage of Amazon's expertise and economies of scale to access resources when they need them.