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Fully Integrated HR & Payroll Cloud-Based Software for Smart Staff Management

SolutionDots Systems is here to drive your organization to heights of success. One of the best service providers presents you with a marvelous Cloud based solution for HR departments. We understand the rigidness of manual working. With HR drive traditional paper working environment will totally get eliminated.

DriveHR is designed for full and shift based offices to ease hectic routines. Our system streamlines employment life cycle from hiring to retirement. HR Software Includes modules for payroll management, staff organization, consistent reporting and record keeping. Now office and Staff management is on your tips, all work is set within few clicks.

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DriveHR Specified Features:

  • Staff E-Record Management
  • Staff Assessment
  • Simplify & Precise Reporting
  • Enhanced Quality Control
  • Staff Expense & Transport Management
  • Executive Privileges Management
  • Performance Appraisals And Salary Matrix Maintenance
  • Compute Allowances And Process The Compensation
  • Simplified Payroll Administration
  • Comprehensive Resource File Organization
  • Enhanced Visibility


Our cloud based crm for pay roll accomplishes all payment related tasks smoothly. Let you satisfy your staff with on time payments and incentives. We have designed hr and payroll software in a combination to get real time stat updates of employee work efficiency. hr payroll system keeps a track on employee activities and punctuality. Efficiently records attendance and ensures maximum staff presence.

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hr payroll system

DriveHR will shift your organization on a web based system to empower entire workflow. Live data management and easy modification. Our system is developed with marvelous features and a user friendly inter.

Mobile Apps

Utilize DriveHR as a mobile app or on your desktop. Its Compatible with iPhone and android systems as well. DriveHR will fascinate you in every possible way.

  • Enhance staff engagement through flexible check-in & check-out
  • Advance search through various criteria
  • Important event updates such as employee’s birthday and much more
  • Easy communication through smart device
  • View and manage team member’s attendance and performance
mobile based HR software
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