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SolutionDots System has designed an easy to use email tracking software to optimize sales and marketing team’s performance. Our email management software has multiple features to ease your tracking fatigue. Track Knight is an essential tool to enhance productivity of your marketing team. Get incredible follow-ups on just a single plugin installation. You can easily sync email services like Gmail and Outlook with Track knight and enhance communication links.

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How TrackKnight Tracks Email Success?

Email Tracking Software collects analytics such as email open rates, the volume of clicks on links in emails, and the number of downloads of email attachments. Email management software comprises web beacons or read-receipts features for monitoring the email delivery to intended recipients. It gets integrated with your email platform to assist you in creating, sending, managing, scheduling, and tracking inbound &outbound emails. We provide you with a drip campaign software which helps you to draft and schedule your emails according to the prospect status or geographic distribution. You can also utilize it as a bulk email service solution.

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Optimize Your Team’s Efforts Through

Optimize Your Team’s Efforts Through an Online Sales Tracking Software

Email marketing is best source of revenue for any business. We are offering one of the best-integrated platforms for performance optimization and communication insights. Using Track Knight, you can easily track your marketing and sales team’s efforts and productivity. You can easily utilize our web-based system on your desktops or mobile devices (android/iPhone/ windows based). Empower your business and minimize struggles with Track knight.

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