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Retail ERP
Retail ERP software
Easy B2C order management and online inventory control.
Our powerful control panel makes everyday tasks faster and easier.

SolutionDots Systems has designed a Retail ERP solution to face all retail challenges. Login Retail ERP software to grow and ease your work life. SolutionDots Systems flourishes business entire processes. Store management is no more an issue. Our ERP management system is comprised of multiple modules to handle store tasks. It’s based on a single database, combining all departments by bridging a communication channel. Helps to keep business record in a streamline whether it’s an order entry, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Purchasing, etc. Our software cuts labor costs by providing you with a marvelous solution.

Our retail ERP software integrates all data and records under one platform. A guaranteed platform where you can easily optimize your overall business flows. Providing you the best facility to handle your entire store by few clicks.

Key Features of RetailCloud by SolutionDots Systems

SolutionDots Systems is one of the best erp software solutions provider. Brings you with a web based ERP software compatible with androids and iphone. A user friendly enterprise resource planning software to enhance productivity.

Planning :: Helps to plan activities and requirements of store. Notifies daily activities with reminders.

Store Operations: Helps in market analysis, merchandising, inventory and workforce management.

  • Drive productivity
  • Reduce errors
  • Eliminate manual data entry
  • Run the tools you need all on a single system

Inventory Management: Manages inventory levels and track goods. Over views flow of units within existing inventory.

Customer Management: Automated processes for capturing customer data and preferences. Helps to get new customers, identify repeated customers.

Finance Management: Comprehensive set of tools to manage all the financial aspects of business.

Flexible:: Functional with Customization according to the retail store needs.

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