Healthcare ERP Software

Hospital & clinic industry needs the services of technology the most. Patients want a smooth and peaceful treating experience. Likewise, hospital administration also needs a peace of mind to manage its duties properly. In short, the healthcare industry needs a technological system that would handle all the hectic management for you. For this purpose, SolutionDot has developed a software based solution for the healthcare industry.

A Comprehensive Software Solution

SolutionDot produces a healthcare Software Solution that handles the whole of the health industry management. The patients can now be treated with creative ideas along with perfect management of a huge count of patients. Our software is moduled to offer features like online doctor appointments, regular alerts, management of hospital fees, electronic invoices, and keeping a record of the patients’ history.

What SolutionDot offers in Healthcare ERP Software?

We are aware of the requirements of a hospital environment and are providing the features accordingly.

Improve Visibility & Transparency: Visibility and transparency is enhanced to an extent that patients are satisfied to the maximum.

Streamlined Processes: All the processes are streamlined so that the management is completed in a convenient manner.

Improved Customer Services: Patients are the customers in the hospital industry and their satisfaction is the key. Our software allows you to meet their demands efficiently and provides a better interaction mechanism.

Better Quality Control: We also deal with the quality control department and help in maintaining the perfect working of every hospital related management.

Unlimited User Support: The software is always ready to assist the users with any kind of support they need.

Single Database Management System: A comprehensive software system is here that would allow you to manage all the tasks in a single software which works under a single database system. All you need is one efficient ERP software & it will manage every problem in a single database system

Better Time Management: Get a chance to manage the tasks on time. Time is the key in industries like healthcare. Our hospital ERP software makes sure to get all the things done for you in as lesser time as possible.

Improved Time Management: Our software handles the processes with accurate reporting and helps you in saving extra time.

Easy to Access: Our Healthcare Software by offers a user-friendly manual. Now you can enjoy the latest features quite easily and efficiently.

Further module division of Healthcare ERP Software

ERP Hospital Management System is further divided with respect to following modules.

  • Patient Management System
  • Doctor Management System
  • Drugs Management System
  • Administrative Rights Management System
  • Online Appointment Management System
  • Invoice System
  • Medical Services System
  • Doctor Services Report System
  • Lab Test System
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