Health Industry


Improvement of the health industry


SolutionDot has launched its services to optimize the healthcare industry with the help of technology. As a patient or a care-taker of your family member, you would expect excellent hospital treatment along with the latest medical facilities. The solution to this requirement can be fulfilled by implementing the technology based health software in your clinics and hospitals. Medical industry is the one that needs technology the most.

Why SolutionDot?

Deep Experience: SolutionDot is an expert in providing its services to IT sectors of various types of industries. We have therefore launched a comprehensive healthcare software to improve your hospital experience and meet the challenges of this industry. We deal in economical, innovative and wonderful IT solutions to our buyers.

Continues Participation: SolutionDot is regularly taking part in providing improved health care services. We believe in presenting customized solutions according to the needs of our customers. Our aim is to bring a transforming change in the field of healthcare industry.

Services We Provide

We are offering all kinds of solutions related to different departments in the health industry such as:

– Patient appointment
– Patient history
– Exchange of patient’s health information
– Bill & dues
– Updated complete electronic medical record
– Health administration and much more.

In Addition

SolutionDot is here to offer healthcare benefits with improved tools and technology which includes joining hands with ERP software solution. Our motive is customer satisfaction and we achieve it by providing the best available services.