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Periodic Testing of Software for Continuous Improved Working

Software Testing
Every department of every organization needs a quality assurance system to keep getting better and better results. Software testing Uk offers you a chance to detect the potential flaws & errors. You can only claim good performance if you have passed your product through a series of tests. SolutionDot detected the need of such software solutions for your organization. SolutionDot is well aware of its importance and is providing testing services in the following areas.
Your app tester UK must be comprehensive enough and should be equally beneficial for all the customers.

Available Testing Services

testing services uk
Web Application Testing

Application testing can be done in terms of web platform and other one is named as the smartphone platform. Web application testing is done to check whether your product is compatible with multiple browser types or not. Customers use the browsers of their own choice so, it is necessary to test all of them for your product. Testing services UK by SolutionDot offer these testing solutions.

software testing services uk
Software Testing

Software testing UK by SolutionDot is done to check the functionality of your product along with the satisfaction of its security. Performance based analysis is done on a regular basis to ensure proper functionality.

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Mobile Application Testing

Smartphones have revolutionized our lives to an extent that everything can be controlled from anywhere at anytime. There are mobile applications for almost everything. Their regular testing is a must to make sure that they would not disappoint you at crunch moments. So, extra & careful attention must be given to mobile application testing to improve its efficiency and management across multiple platforms. App tester UK by SolutionDot handles it all for you.

software testing uk
User Interface Testing

This is referred to complexity testing. In this domain, we would check whether your product has a user-friendly interface or not. A complex app would be of no use to anyone. We also provide modifications that would optimize your app in the best interest of the buyers. The facility of a graphical software interface is another domain we are covering for you.

testing services uk
Functional Testing

In order to produce a multi-functional application, the developers might compromise in the level of complexity. A complex application has more risks or failure and errors. We are dealing in black box testing for such situations in which we reduce the risks of failure and increase productivity to the maximum.

software testing services uk
Automatic Testing

Get rid of the manual testing already that is one hectic process. Our software testing services UK offer the feature of automated testing. This saves you time and money. Get our services to enjoy the features of effective & automated testing services.


Cloud Security Assessments

Cloud technology is making news for all the positive reasons. It provides you with independent software and hardware working along with the reduced cost and time factors. But at the same time, it holds some threats. The security and integrity of the data can never be compromised. We can offer some testing services in this regard too.