A complete software solution id here to help you with quick and efficient multi-tasking related to your finance & payroll.

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Reduce Extra Costs, Increase Productivity

The most comprehensive online system is here to manage and streamline all the processes of human resource department starting from hiring, training, employee management and other similar tasks. The software is effective and available for multi-tasking at a single time.

The cloud-based technology is an added advantage and it works perfectly for employees of each department starting from CEO and ending at the admin staff. You can now control all the financial management including payroll with an increased pace.

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    DriveHCM Specific Features

    DRIVE HCM by SolutionDot is your go-to software for every task related to the HR department by covering all the related angles.
    • Helps you with staff assessment
    • You can track management information
    • Functional & Innovative Payroll Solution
    • You can also train your employees via our training module
    • Streamlined reporting of the events is available
    • Transparent and fair recruitment
    • Customized Solutions are also available
    Human Resource Management

    Human Resource Management

    • Accommodates every information under single database
    • Streamlined and Structured Reporting
    • Operational Monitoring with Enhanced security
    • Customized solutions according to your business requirements
    • Manage Leaves and Working Hours of the employees
    • Regular Alerts


    • Improved Recruitment Methods
    • Use of communication tool for better selection
    • Increased transparency during recruitment process
    • Effective working to reduce risks
    • Better engagement with the candidates
    Performance Management

    Performance Management

    • Simplified yet effective management handling
    • Set goals and achieve them within time
    • Reduced overall time and costs
    • Quick Decision Making
    • Get maximum out of the employees


    • Trainings to improve employee’s performance
    • Career Growing Strategies
    • Manage the training programs perfectly
    • Structured reporting training effectiveness


    • Target your customers via market competitive packages
    • Go through the compensation plans via proper routes
    • Streamlined processes to handle plan development
    • Encourage and support the investment to a productive team


    • Single Database
    • Low Costs
    • Enhanced functionality
    • Multitasking
    • Reduced overall time
    • Effective & Reliable
    • Customized solutions
    • Scale up & Scale down Options
    Payroll Management

    Payroll Management

    • Innovative Payroll System
    • Improve Financial profits
    • On-time transfer of salaries
    • Error free payroll mechanism
    • Adjusts the compensation plans automatically
    Time & Absence

    Time & Absence

    • Portable solution to be managed from anywhere at anytime
    • Keep track of leaves and working hours of the workers
    • Perfect decision making for global workforce
    • Minimize the compliance risk with perfect mechanisms

    Top-class Cloud infrastructure

    SolutionDot CloudSuite combines proven industry expertise, differentiated user experience, and top-class infrastructure from Amazon Web Services. This allows customers to take advantage of Amazon’s expertise and economies of scale to access resources when they need them.