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TotalSchool by SolutionDot is a revolutionary school management software — innovative software to mend all scattered management tasks. Our system is capable of advancing all educational institutions like Schools, Colleges, Training Centers, and Universities, etc.

TotalSchool is a cloud-based system and stores all records and files online. Preserving and tracking the history of all student’s statements is tough. Our cloud-based software requires one-time data entry, and all your documents are saved for a lifetime. Online school management system accommodates in saving time and money by handling all administrative tasks. We present you with a stress-free solution to run your overall School Management System.

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    School attendance software
    • Online Student Registration Form
    • Electronic Entry Test
    • Paperless Administration
    • Student Approval Center
    • Invoice Management
    • Student Dues Management
    • Parent Family Management
    • Student Fee plan & Instalments Management
    • Student Information
    • Electronic Student Attendance
    • Student Access
    • Parent Access
    • Teacher Access and Management
    • Online Student fee Statement view
    • Online Student Attendance view
    • Online Student Result view
    • Parent Mobile notifications
    • Student Announcements
    • Teachers Time Table
    • Exam Management
    • Result Management
    • Transportation Management
    • School Account Management
    • School Inventory Management
    • School assets Management
    • School HR Management
    • Web Based System
    • Highly Reliable
    • User Management
    • User Privileges and Logs Management
    School software
    School software
    education ERP

    What SolutionDot is offering in School Management System?

    SolutionDot are offering a lot of features in TotalSchool Systems that completely changed the style of management.

    Student Affairs Management: Maintains profile record of all students like their name, address, contact and semester details, etc. Automatically generates fee plans and installment structure for students automatically.

    School Attendance Software: The school attendance system assists teachers in managing student’s attendance and performance records.

    Software Accessibility: Students can look into their accounts for study scheme, updates, and timetable announcements, etc. Assists parents to track the study history of their children without visiting the school. Teachers can access a student’s record and update study schemes for them.

    Exam and Online Assessments: Grants online registration forms, automated entry tests and approval center facility for students. Results can be updated online and displayed right away. Eliminates file work and implements a reliable setup.

    Invoice Management: School software is capable of communicating electronic invoices of admission, entry test, monthly invoice, etc.

    School Administration Software: Manages all account working and make administration free from accountability tasks. Keeps inventory records and organizing details. It also permits the administration to manage users they can add, edit or delete the user data.

    Compatibility and Flexibility: A web-based education ERP system which can be used on desktop and any mobile device (Android/iPhone/windows based). Gives you a portable setup which you can access remotely any time in any place.

    Most Trusted Cloud Infrastructure

    CloudSuite of SolutionDot has combined the industrial expertise that distinguished user’s experience with world’s most trusted infrastructure from Amazon Web Services. Now grow your business by getting the advantage of Amazon’s expertise.