Cloud, Infrastructure, and Security

Modernize IT Infrastructure by Leverage Software

SolutionDot helps businesses to convert their software’s to modernized IT infrastructure. We are here to provide you with assistance in operating with serenity, drive extreme automation, re-imagine business procedures within an agile development environment. Our service is an exclusive mixture of on-premise infrastructure, public, private and hybrid cloud.


Network Management

Networks play an essential role in linking different business applications along with employees, customers, and associates. Businesses would be unable to perform efficiently if they aren't accessing all such applications.
What do we offer?
Cloud Ecosystem

We deliver “IT as service,” this cloud comprehends organizational values as well as a significant part of IT strategies. Converting to a cloud system reshapes primary elements of an organization including application portfolio, IT landscape, etc.

IT Infrastructure Services

We provide IT infrastructures with operational excellence and flexibility. Businesses nowadays want to boost their IT infrastructure. Agile setup is a solution for various changes that accommodate the market in technological advancements and cost reduction.


For wide-range businesses, we provide best-fit security frameworks. Our services also comprise different end-to-end solutions in the phase of infrastructure, application, data and cloud security from essential regulatory compliance to revolutionary.

  • Advances the business’s ongoing competence and growth requirements
  • Shifting core focus to exploit digital standard and infrastructure commoditization for business endowment
  • Service transformation by maximizing the worth; utilizing various approaches & strategies including “Run the Business” & “Change the Business.”