Healthcare ERP Software

To provide excellent Patient care steps should be taken for revolutionizing health care industry. Mostly Hospital information and patient record management systems lack advancement. Providing best health care to patients should be the top priority of every organization.

Healthcare ERP Software solution

SolutionDot presents you with a fantastic healthcare ERP solution for all health care providers related issues. Our system provides innovative ideas for the best health care supply to patients within your clinic or in any hospital.

ERP Hospital Management System is mainly designed to meet all business processes of every day advancing healthcare industry challenges. Our ERP software includes all hospital management facilities like patient’s appointment, patient and doctor’s records, fee management, etc.

What SolutionDot offers in Healthcare ERP Software?

SolutionDot Healthcare ERP Software provides you with the following facilities:

Improve Visibility & Transparency: Generates transparency in the entire management system and makes more visibility in record keeping processes of the hospital.

Streamline Accurate Reporting: Streamlines all processes of reporting system with the help of efficient record keeping feature.

Improved Customer Services: Customer service facility with advance built-in customer care features.

Improved Quality Control: Assures complete quality control on the services delivered within the hospital.

Improved Management Visibility: All records of the hospital are available on one click. The system manages patient data, doctors’ files, and medicines and all departments can easily access records.

Unlimited User Support: Provides user support 24/7 and facilitates every assistance required by the client.

Single Data Base Management System: Allows you to store entire organization data in the same database which improves efficiency, reduces cost, simplifies infrastructure and proves helpful in multiple reporting.

Improved Time Management: Allows access to the required data or information with one click and saves time.

Ease to Access System Facilities: Only allows authorized users to operate the management system facilities and keeps it secured from unauthorized users.

Further module division of Healthcare ERP Software

Our Hospital Management System is further divided into modules to deliver improved services.

  • Patient Management System
  • Doctor Management System
  • Drugs Management System
  • Administrative Rights Management System
  • Online Appointment Management System
  • Invoice System
  • Medical Services System
  • Doctor Services Report System
  • Lab Test System
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