Retail and consumer goods


Retailers have understood the fact that adapting digital technology is very important for the business. Retailers learned about it by the challenges given to them via remote customers. The innovation in technology have completely changed the model of retail industry. By keeping insights of retails, future of retail industry and key to success got predictable. For the upcoming years traditional methods wouldn’t be enough to succeed. To be successful one need to upgrade the business with modern technology, by meeting customer and industry’s demands.


What SolutionDot offer?


SolutionDot KSA is keen in facilitating the retailer or merchandiser by providing upgraded tools to re-model it’s structure as we can understand it’s worth for you and the industry. Solutions provided by us helps the retailer to increase their productivity which results in business success.

Comprehensive Support Services: SolutionDot is capable of providing extensive support services which can assist the retail industry with monitoring, management and solutions to different problems.

Network Management Services: The networking management services provided by us are comprehensive, it’s enhances business connectivity and communications.

Consultation Services: The services of IT consultation provided by us help’s the client in selecting the perfect solution for their business.

Infrastructure management services: SolutionDot provides the best services for managing the infrastructure of a retail business.

Online payment services: No cash? No problem, we are offering services of online payment which allows the retailer as well as customer to pay online to obtain services that are required.

Expense management services: With these services SolutionDot assist the retailers to manage their expenses, calculating the profit accurately and keeping a record.


In Addition

In addition to the above mentioned services many other services are offered for the retailers including digitalization and data analysis as per the demand of the industry and consumer.