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Maximize The Worth of Your Company’s Most Significant Resource!

Human capital management methodology is utilized in employee staffing, and here people are perceived as resources (human capital). Investment on resources is beneficial for current value determination, and their potential worth can be enhanced.

HCM system enhances the value resources and helps in reducing company’s expenditures being utilized to manage staff. The best approach is to implement a cost-effective and manageable solution to improve your organization's workforce.

SolutionDot has designed human capital management software by precisely focusing on the strategic requirements of an organization as workforce planning, competency management, performance management, time & expense management, hiring plan, organization visualization, and reporting & analytics, etc.

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    What is SolutionDot is offering in HCM?

    A comprehensive HCM Software for human capital management, the key features of the system are:

    Automation & streamlined flow: Tasks are automatically managed within a streamlined process by the Human capital management system.

    Single database: Provides you with a single database with the capacity of centralizing complete data management.

    Report generation: Well-organized process for generating accurate reports of data.

    Performance Management: Human resources software control and looks after staff performance.

    Streamline payroll: To satisfy staff a streamlined human capital management payroll system.

    Workforce Management: HR management software is capable of controlling the entire organization's workforce.

    Different modules segregation

    We support you in maximizing your organization resources work efficiency by implementing accuracy in workflow & resolving timing issues. Our system has specialized modules to make your organization resources more innovative and efficient.

    • HRM Human Resource Management:
    • Talent Management
    • Time Tracking
    • Workflow planning & analytic
    • Absence Management
    • Payroll Solutions
    • Recruitment strategies
    • Organization Management
    • Find Top Talented Employee