How Cloud ERP Software Can Add Value to Your Business

Cloud technology has changed the business model effectively. This transformation of business model has accelerated the business growth and improved the efficiency. How does the Cloud technology affects an ERP of Business? It has made the business environment more comfortable and easier to access for the employees. Cloud technology is cost saving technology have scalable storage capacity. The ERP Software has changed the way of customer interaction with the business and allows 24/7 easy remote access.

When we talk about ERP, SolutionDot has developed a BusinessCloud system, which is considered as best erp system and is divided into different modules could be efficient to transform the complete business in cloud technology. Our ERP Software which is developed by an experienced team of SolutionDot has provided an excellent solution with the capability to improve and manage different departments efficiently. BusinessCloud is a comprehensive system that is effective to reduce the technical barriers.

Key Features of Cloud Based ERP Software

Cost-effective: SDSuite is a cost-effective business solution, you are going to pay according to your usage capacity. SDSuite is helping the organizations in reducing the cost of different hardware and software devices. This feature makes it a strong candidate to be considered as best erp in KSA.

Scalability: SDSuite is top rated available solution for scalability issues. You are allowed to scale up and down the SDSuite according to the business requirements.

Simplicity and Ease Of Integration: The list of ERP software in Saudi Arabia could be long but our SDSuite is specially developed in a way to provide ease to the user in all manners such as interface as well as implementation.

Mobile & remote Access: As far as ERP Software are concerned, BusinessCloud allows the remote access by the authorized with the help of internet. It could also be accessed through smartphone devices and make the work environment much easier. The whole process of ERP has never been easier.

Data Management: SDSuite is a solution with complete centralized data management. ERP in KSA by our company makes data management more efficient for different departments of the organization.

Modules of Cloud Based ERP Software

SDSuite system developed by SolutionDot is further divided into different modules to make it more effective for the complete organization or the business. The main modules of SDSuite are:

  • Financial Management System
  • Inventory Management System
  • POS
  • Accounts Receivable
  • HR Management System
  • Production Management System and much more
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    There are following key Features of using Enterprise Resource Planning Systems:

    With e-Market, you can create a web-based storefront that helps your sales grow by letting customers and prospects shop online. In addition, since your online storefront is fully integrated with your in-store system, any changes in price or availability are quickly and automatically reflected in your e-market

    • Provide fastest & real time reporting in a control environment.
    • Give Personalize dashboards features.
    • Improve workforce productivity with efficient accessibility of features.
    • Lower ownership cost by eliminating up-front & ongoing IT expenditures.
    • Delivery of automatic products & their up gradation.
    • Effective Management of Project in a Collaborative Environment.
    • Customer Interaction Improved Level of Customer Satisfaction.
    • Automated Business Processes Minimized Time Management Issues.
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    Top-class Cloud infrastructure

    SolutionDot CloudSuite combines proven industry expertise, differentiated user experience, and top-class infrastructure from Amazon Web Services. This allows customers to take advantage of Amazon's expertise and economies of scale to access resources when they need them.
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