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Enterprise Fixed Asset Tracking Software Personalized to You

To manage your valuable assets SolutionDot KSA brought you Cloud assets a Tracking Software. Track all essential equipment’s required to run your organization. We understand the fatigue of keeping a check on every single equipment. Keeping stuff up to mark takes a lot of time. To ease this challenge, we had designed an asset tracking software solution. Our software accommodates your Employees by saving their time getting wasted in searching for equipment which can lead to missed deadlines, wasted labour, costly delays, and potentially unhappy customers. We grant small business with the best asset management software to eliminate tiresome paperwork or electronic spreadsheet. Conveniently useable on desktop, smartphones, and tablets, so you don’t have to purchase additional hardware. Compatible with Android, iPhone and even window-based devices.

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    IT Asset Tracking & Management

    Web-based fixed asset tracking software to assist your organization in accelerating its operations. Track your IT equipment using Cloud assets with complete updating of its lifecycle.

    fixed asset tracking software
    Equipment Tracking

    Cloud assets is a comprehensive tracking and enterprise asset management software that offers all sort of asset tracking with insights of financial reports, maintenance, and automatic depreciative approaches.

    enterprise asset management software
    Facility Management

    Secure asset tracking software for a large number of similar assets in companies, education setups, hospitals, stores, etc. Helps to eliminate all type of Manual management in organizations with easy customization.

    asset tracking software

    Save Time and Money

    CloudAssets is an efficient ERP Solution that enhances all asset tracking insights with easier financial reporting, maintenance, and automatic depreciative approaches. Our software tracks the life cycle of equipment and help you save money spent per asset.