Enterprise Big-Data Analytics

Employ the most effective big-data technology

What is Big Data?

Big Data is a field that will analyze and systematically extract information. It will also manage data sets that are too big or complex to be governed by traditional data processing software.

Volume – Scale of Data

We will help you analyze the size of the data that is managed and stored by your organization. We will evaluate the extensive data and discuss the concerns related to it regarding its accessibility and scalability.

Velocity – Analysis of streaming data

Data Velocity deals with the analysis of the speed with which the information is going in or out. SolutionDot will help you in estimating the speed and also provide you with the solutions of controlling and allocating the data in as lesser time as possible.

Variety – Different forms of Data

The incoming or outgoing data can be in various forms or formats. It might be challenging to manage and understand such data.We are here for your help concerning this issue. We will manage the data in such a way that it will start making sense and will help you in ethical decision making.

Veracity – Uncertainty of the data

Accuracy and precision and the degree to which it can be trusted fall in the domain of data veracity. SolutionDot will provide solutions to such problems so that there should be no compromise on the quality and accuracy of the produced data in the form of information.


More accurate insights, stronger decisions

A scrambled data is of no use. The big data analytics are discussed in the form of Four (4) Vs. Volume, Velocity, Variety, Veracity. SolutionDot deals in all the four above mentioned categories and can help you in efficiently managing your extensive data analytics.