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Are you looking for a solution to staff management issues? Are you in search of an HR software Dubai that handles it all for you? DrivesHR is the answer to your problem. It is the most comprehensive HR payroll software Dubai is using. The HR department of your organization can now make use of DrivesHR for hiring, HR payroll, recruitment, retirements, and resignations of the staff. Any other staff management-related issue will also be compensated.

SolutionDot has gifted the HR departments of the companies with this user-friendly and comprehensive HR software. Employee satisfaction is achieved with on-time and efficient payments via an integrated payroll module. It will lead the company towards maximum productivity with minimized effort.

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    hr payroll software dubai

    DrivesHR Specified Features:

    • Staff E-Record Management
    • Staff Assessment
    • Simplified & Precise Reporting
    • Enhanced Quality Control
    • Staff Expense & Transport Management
    • Executive Privileges Management
    • Performance Appraisals And Salary Matrix Maintenance
    • Compute Allowances And Process The Compensation
    • Simplified Payroll Administration
    • Comprehensive Resource File Organization
    • Enhanced Visibility

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    Our payroll software Dubai handles Employee record management in the best possible way, covering all the bases, leaving no stone unturned in order to give maximum productivity.

    hr management software dubai

    hr & payroll software dubai

    Time Attendance Software - the latest feature in use will help in monitoring live data management of the employees effectively.

    Mobile Apps

    DrivesHR, mobile apps for both IOS and Android software are available for use. The HR & payroll Software Dubai we are talking about works perfectly on both domains. The app has separate dashboards for both the employees and HR management. It is convenient to such an extent that it can be used at anytime from anywhere. The management can keep track of the workers coming and leaving times. Time and location based restrictions can be applied by the management.

    • Enhance staff engagement through flexible check-in & check-out
    • Advance search through various criteria
    • Important event updates such as employee’s birthday and much more
    • Easy communication through smart device
    • View and manage team member’s attendance and performance
    HR System UAE
    HR Software UAE