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Managing a school is one hectic process. The large number of students and a lot of management related to such huge strengths is not easy by any means. In this era of development and technology, every organization wants to save money and time, by managing all the functions in a more professional and technological way. SolutionDot got you here. It has developed a School Management System, TotalScool, that manages all the school related procedures starting from admissions, examinations, result declarations, inventory management, staff management and much more all under a single database. Keep comprehensive check and balance on the student to maximize his performance in studies. School management is not a complex task anymore. Our school management system is in great demand all over the world.

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    • Online Student Registration Form
    • Electronic Entry Test
    • Paperless Administration
    • Student Approval Center
    • Invoice Management
    • Student Dues Management
    • Parent Family Management
    • Student Fee plan & Instalments Management
    • Student Information
    • Electronic Student Attendance
    • Student Access
    • Parent Access
    • Teacher Access and Management
    • Online Student fee Statement view
    • Online Student Attendance view
    • Online Student Result view
    • Parent Mobile notifications
    • Student Announcements
    • Teachers Time Table
    • Exam Management
    • Result Management
    • Transportation Management
    • School Account Management
    • School Inventory Management
    • School assets Management
    • School HR Management
    • Web Based System
    • Highly Reliable
    • User Management
    • User Privileges and Logs Management
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    e-school management software
    cloud school software

    TotalSchool-Manage Everything Here

    SolutionDot are offering a lot of features in TotalSchool Systems that completely changed the style of management.

    Online Registration & Paperless Administration: In this digital environment, TotalSchool makes sure to eliminate time taking processes of standing in queues to get a registration form. It provides online registration forms for the students and all the administrative procedures like fee slip generation, admission processes are also completed online now.

    E- Entry Tests: Taking entry tests for admissions is pretty common in all institutes. Our e-school management software makes sure to conduct entry tests on computers and tabs to minimize the use of paper.

    Student Approval Centre: The students who applied for admission do not have to wait for the call about their admission updates. All they need is to check their admission status on the online school portal.

    Student Dues Management: Parents and students now have access to their fee structure, fee status and all other postulates related to it. Everything is in access with a single click on your computer screen.

    Student Fee Plan and Installments Management: TotalSchool software helps with easy fee plans and also assists the students by making installments of their fee if they get it approved by the administration first.

    Student Information: Our online School Software keeps all the record of the students like, personal details, semester details, discipline record and similar terms.

    Online Attendance Portal: Teachers upload the attendance of the students online and the record is updated daily. Students can also check their attendance record as they have student accounts on this portal.

    Access for Everyone: TotalSchool has separate personal dashboards for everyone. Teachers, parents, students and management, all have an access to this cloud school software to keep themselves updated about their individual records.

    Exam & Result Management: Exams and results generation is an essential task of every educational institute. This was never an easy task keeping in view the huge strengths of the students. TotalSchool has also taken care of this aspect for you. It helps you manage both these procedures quite efficiently.

    School Inventory Management: School inventory holds everything that is being used in the schools. It includes furniture, stationary and sports instrument to be precise. Our school management software offers services for the inventory management of your schools.

    Exam Management: Use TotalSchool & Handle hectic exam management with a few clicks

    Web-Based System: All you need is an internet connection and you are ready to enjoy all the TotalSchool features to run your institution efficiently.

    Reliable: Our school ERP software is quite reliable as it manages every educational institute related procedure comprehensively in an effective manner.

    School HR Management: Manages every human resource aspect in the most convenient and trustworthy manner. It makes the hiring easy and perfect for the administration.

    The Web Based System: TotalSchool is a web based system you just need to have an internet connection and can access it from any computer at anywhere.

    Highly Reliable: TotalSchool is a highly reliable software that manages all of your working in school management efficiently.

    User Management: It allows a user friendly manual which makes the users optimize their dashboard data according to their needs.

    Most Trusted Cloud Infrastructure

    CloudSuite of SolutionDot has combined the industrial expertise that distinguished user’s experience with world’s most trusted infrastructure from Amazon Web Services. Now grow your business by getting the advantage of Amazon’s expertise.
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