Hasten business execution by utilizing BusinessCloud and transform your business with simple, associated developments

BusinessCloud by SolutionDots Systems is a cloud based ERP. Our cloud based software is specially designed to run your organization infrastructures more efficiently. Software combines services like intelligence, databases, networking, storages, analytics, servers etc within one platform. Helps to eliminate the usage of On-site data centers, software patching and IT management which consume a lot of time.

BusinessCloud Services

Here we offer your required Businesscloud softwares


Manage inventory and track goods without hurdles. Advance systems to smoothen inventory-related task with restocking alerts.


Tools to manage all financial aspects of a business. Get your accounts and finance matters resolved seamlessly.


Manage all HRM tasks and streamlines the employment life cycle from hiring to retirement with complete records.


Organizes engineering to the procurement of inventory, to the actual production. From product development to sales, all get managed.


Outlooks acquiring cost according to the orders and benefits purchasing department with error-free details.


Easy planning features with real-time facts and figure to outline plans and make worthy decisions.

E-Business Suite

With e-Market, create a web-based storefront that helps your sales grow by letting customers and prospects shop online. Your online storefront gets fully integrated with in-store system, any changes made in price or availability automatically gets reflected in e-market.

Using e-statements, e-invoices, and e-purchase orders, you can repeatedly e-mail invoices, statements, and purchase orders to your customers and vendors. This will save you time and money, as well as increase customer satisfaction and reduce the lag time associated with postal delivery.


Drive Growth with Cost Management

Rapid and Accurate

Rapid and accurate view of entire business.

Ensemble the Leaders

Ensemble the leaders with most relevant and applicable financial intuitions through all available devices.

Business Procedures

Grasp business procedures and report the changes without having any disturbance.


Utilize a single but comprehensive system over whole organization.

E-Business Suite

Electronic retail or an online store improves the business sales

Accounts Management

Financial management software by Solution Dots Systems restructure your accounting

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