Healthcare ERP Software

Out of all the industries, the healthcare industry is the one that needs the implementation of technology the most. Patients always want to be treated with extra care and attention. This is only possible if the hospital administration and doctors are given a relief by cutting off all the extra work. For this purpose, SolutionDot has developed a software based solution for the healthcare industry.

A Comprehensive Software Solution

An healthcare ERP Software Solution that takes care of all the health industry management. The patients can now be treated with innovative ideas along with easy management of a large number of patients. Our patient management system is developed to to offer facilities easy doctor appointment, electronic invoices, digital alerts, fees management, and keeping a record of the patients’ history.

What SolutionDot offers in Healthcare ERP Software?

SolutionDot is offering various features in their ERP Hospital Management System by keeping in view the plans healthcare management.

Improve Visibility & Transparency: The complete medical processes during the patient treatment is now kept transparent and visible to satisfy the patients to the maximum.

Streamlined Processes: It is helping in streamlining the accurate reporting with the help of efficient and precise records.

Improved Customer Services: SolutionDot has developed the software to meet the customers’ demand in the most effective way and play its role for better interaction and engagement between the two connected groups.

Better Quality Control: It deals with the quality control department and helps in maintaining the quality of every hospital related management..

Unlimited User Support: The software is always ready to assist the users with any kind of support they need.

Single Database Management System: Now you don't have to get a separate software for each department of the hospital. All you need is one comprehensive ERP software developed by SolutionDot and it will manage every problem in a single database system

Better Time Management: Time is the key in industries like healthcare. No body has enough time. Everyone wants to be quick in the dealings. Our hospital ERP software makes sure to get all the things done for you in as lesser time as possible.

Improved Time Management: It improves the time management and allows getting access to any required data or information with one click.

Easy to Access: Healthcare ERP Software by SolutionDot offers a user-friendly manual. It becomes easy for everyone to attain facilities of the management system and at the same time keeps it safe from unauthorized users.

Further module division of Healthcare ERP Software

ERP Hospital Management System is further divided with respect to following modules.

  • Patient Management System
  • Doctor Management System
  • Drugs Management System
  • Administrative Rights Management System
  • Online Appointment Management System
  • Invoice System
  • Medical Services System
  • Doctor Services Report System
  • Lab Test System
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