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Keep your Business Synchronized, and Product Flow Efficient.

Event management is a part of every organization. But not everyone pays close attention to it. It requires some high level planning and expertise to make an event a successful one. Keeping in view the importance of event management, SolutionDot has developed an ERP event management system that will take care of all the necessary matters required for a successful event management. It will streamline the workflow and maximize the performance of the staff.

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    Features offered by SolutionDot

    Following are the advantages that you can get by using ERP Event Management Software by SoutionDot Systems:

    Reduce Budget: Our event scheduling software will manage the event in the most affordable budget by eliminating all the extra expenses.

    Online Payment: We will provide you with an online payment method that will assist you in the financial dealings in the most convenient way.

    Email Notifications: It will notify the attendees with the help of Emails in case of any changes during the event and other significant notifications.

    Improve Attendee Experience: Proper updates and protocol is used to improve attendee’s experience. The attendees can also customize their notifications.

    Streamlined Management: It streamlines every process of event management to make it convenient for you.

    Streamline Events Management: It streamline the complete process of event management.

    Simplified Reporting: Our specially designed EMS stores all the record and helps with precise reporting.

    Free Transactions: It does not have any charges for the transactions that will keep the attendees and the event manager relax.

    Export Reports: You can now generate reports and export them to wherever you want in desired formats.

    Single DataBase System: The single database system in our event planning software will help to keep the data of the attendees safe and secure.

    Powerful Marketing: All the marketing of your event is on us.We will market your event via social media and other methods for a greater attendance.

    Multiple Events Promotion: Your headaches related to promotions of your event is also managed by our EMS.

    Event History: Our management system will keep a detailed history of your events in case it is needed in the future.

    Waitlist Management: It presents a detailed waiting list for the attendees to provide them with an idea about the time required for different events.

    ERP Event Management System by SolutionDot will cover the following modules for you

    The essential modules according to the Event Size & Domain are:
    • Attendee Management
    • Events Booking
    • Events Management
    • Payments & Checkouts
    • Document & Services Management
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    • Product Bundling