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Trust DriveHCM for complete insights into new talent, labor, and investments. A software solution that will integrate your finance and payroll departments.

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Increased Organizational Resources- Increased Overall Worth!

SolutionDot has a name in top hcm software providers. Human Capital Management (HCM Software)- An innovative yet efficient name in the organizations as far as different critical processes are concerned. Whether it is the recruitment of new talent, or training leaders for the future by adequately managed training processes, DriveHCM will do everything for you.

This cloud-based solution is equally beneficial for every department and every position. It is specially developed for directors, executives, CEOs, payroll professionals, supervisors, and recruiters. The sustainable strategies will lead the company to new heights of success by these automated processes.

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    DriveHCM Specific Features

    A smart and effective product by SolutionDot that comprehends all the operations like HR, recruitment, talent hunt, and payroll management in a single, innovative cloud-based solution.
    • A comprehensive framework to human resources for proper staff assessment
    • Keeps a record of the employee’s performance in the past and present
    • Flexible payroll to handle composite computations.
    • Training programs for the employees
    • Training programs for the employees
    • Enhanced visibility to facilitate essential company decisions
    • The improved recruitment process for perfect hiring
    • User-friendly interface
    Human Resource Management

    Human Resource Management

    • For easy accessibility and complete security, keeps all the data resources in a single database.
    • Operational monitoring to minimize risks
    • Manages staff performance and leave details
    • Proactive notifications to management
    • Regular updates according to HR standards
    • Organize resources in proper order concerning their reporting structure
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    • Totally modifies the recruiting process with latest trends
    • Recruiter gets the access to candidate communication tool
    • Increases the transparency of the process for best possible selection
    • Minimize the risks of any unfair selection
    • Helps in improving engagement and collaboration of the candidate
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    Performance Management

    Performance Management

    • A revolutionary approach to assess the performance of the management
    • Improves Goal setting process with well defined outcomes and targets
    • Minimizes the time required for administrative processes
    • Delivers high-level performance insights
    • Motivates the employee to be more
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    • Provides training for career growth of the employees
    • Implements effective training strategies for effective learning
    • Measure the effectiveness of the training methods with improved reporting
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    • Offers packages according to market competition to increase the level of performance and to retain the worker
    • Executes the process after planning and evaluation
    • Streamlines the process of employee compensation with latest technology
    • Encourages the team for better performance
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    • Cost Effective
    • One Domain Solutions
    • Adjustable solutions according to the need
    • Easy payroll and staff management
    • Both scale up and scale down
    • Precise information flow
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    Payroll Management

    Payroll Management

    • Unique and flexible payroll system
    • Constant reporting to improve financial insights
    • Encourages online and on-time payments to employees
    • Manages the salaries ontime to increase compensation
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    Time & Absence

    Time & Absence

    • Manages the resources from anywhere at anytime
    • Deals with employees leave applications
    • Offers decision making support to global workforce
    hcm software companies Dubai

    Top-class Cloud infrastructure

    SolutionDot CloudSuite combines proven industry expertise, differentiated user experience, and top-class infrastructure from Amazon Web Services. This allows customers to take advantage of Amazon's expertise and economies of scale to access resources when they need them.
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