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Human Capital Management Software

Revolutionize your Company’s Most Significant Resource

Human Capital Management (HCM) Software is a system for employee staffing that perceives the employees as resources whose current value can be determined and work can be done on them to improve their value and this will act as an investment.

Along with managing the customers most important resource, its workers, HCM software also reduces the cost needed to manage it. It provides cost effective and flexible solutions to manage your workforce in the most productive manner.

SolutionDot has developed human capital software by focusing on core strategic steps such as workforce planning, performance management, time & finance management, hiring plan, visualizations of the organization and reporting. All these are managed skillfully by our HCM Software.

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    What is SolutionDot is offering in HCM?

    SolutionDot has developed a complete and comprehensive software solution for human capital management, the key features of the system are:

    Automation & Streamlined Flow: Complete your tasks with automatized and streamlined process for better efficiency.

    Single Database: Enjoy every feature in a single database system. Eliminates the need for separate apps for each function.

    Report Generation: Make precise reports from the available data to keep track of the performances.

    Performance Management: Keep track of the performance of every individual on a daily basis to increase the level of hard work.

    Payroll Management: A streamlined process of payroll management to gain satisfaction of the employees.

    Workforce Management: Manage complete workforce in a way to increase productivity to the maximum.

    Covered Modules

    HCM Software developed by a team of expert professionals works to maximize the productivity of the organization by skillfully managing all the operations. It takes care of following modules.

    • HRM Human Resource Management:
    • Talent Management
    • Time Tracking
    • Workflow planning & analytic
    • Absence Management
    • Payroll Solutions
    • Recruitment strategies
    • Organization Management
    • Find Top Talented Employee