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Healthcare Information System (HIS)

Every Industry is making use of the modern technologies so why not transform our health and care industry on the latest trends? SolutionDot offers an advanced and innovative healthcare software that eases up the procedures and enhances the patient experience.

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    Customizable, Fully Integrated & Easy to Use

    hospital information system software Dubai

    Smooth Practice Management

    You can now send appointment reminders to your patients via Emails, messages, and phone calls.
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    Clinical Flow

    Every department with in the healthcare industry is inter-related. The doctors, lab attendants, pharmacists stay in touch for e-prescribing and report management to achieve maximum patient safety and satisfaction.
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    E-Medical Records

    Patients can now have access to their medical history, appointment summary along with details of prescribed medicine.
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    Practice Management
    hospital information system software Dubai
    Medical Billing
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    iPad EHR
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    his systems Dubai
    Lab & Imaging
    hospital information system software Dubai
    hospital ehr software Dubai
    Patient Portal

    Comprehensive Customizable System

    We all know that handling medical cases require extreme care and expertise. Patients always seek a peaceful and relaxing treating experience. Keeping this in view, SolutionDot has launched its healthcare information system, MedicalFusion. It will take care of all the hospital related management to ease up the procedures. This web-based patient management system answers all your queries. Enjoy a comforting and peaceful treatment experience.