Testing Services


Periodic Testing of Software for Continuous Improved Working

Software Testing
Quality assurance of the software is a must when you work on its development. The software testing will enable you to find out the flaws and places for improvement. The best results for all the customers can be assured if and only if a continuous software testing for all domains is in practice. SolutionDot is well aware of its importance and is providing testing services in the following areas.
How could your product be a marvelous if it is unable to perform equally for all of the customers?

Available Testing Services

Web Application Testing

An application can be of two main types. A web-based and a smartphone-based. As far as the web application is concerned, the most important thing to remember is that the app should be equally compatible with a variety of browsers. People use different browsers according to their choice, so we would make sure that your application is compatible with all of them.

Software Testing

Software solutions specifically need a unique approach for the trial and testing. Apart from the traditional functionality testing, we also make sure to offer security, user recognitions, and performance-based analysis for you.

Mobile Application Testing

In today's world, not everyone is carrying their personal computers with them all the time. About 70% of the population tends to move towards mobile phones for application use. Therefore, extra attention must be given to mobile application testing to improve its efficiency and management across multiple platforms.

User Interface Testing

It is somehow related to complexity testing. We check whether the application of yours has a user-friendly interface or not. The app would be optimized in such a way that the visitor enjoys the best experience once he comes to visit your software. A graphical software interface is another domain we are covering for you in this area.

Functional Testing

To get maximum features out of an application, the developers sometimes compromise in the complexity of the work. The complexity might increase risks of failure, ultimately bringing a bad name for the company in front of the customers. We offer black box testing for such situations in which we will minimize the failure risks and increasing productivity to the maximum.

Automatic Testing

In manual testing, when you have to modify the code, again and again, it turns out to be a hectic process. There is always a need for automated testing. SolutionDot will make sure that this automated testing service saves you some time and money. We will devise a plan to modify the traditional manual testing into a more secure and efficient automatic testing process.


Cloud Security Assessments

Cloud technology is making news for all the positive reasons. It provides you with independent software and hardware working along with the reduced cost and time factors. But at the same time, it holds some threats. The security and integrity of the data can never be compromised. We can offer some testing services in this regard too.