A flawless Recruitment Software Solution

Recruiter by SolutionDots Systems

Recruitment Software is an important but critical process of hiring right personnel for your organization at the right position and the right time.

It is not just about hiring but a complete process of hiring including various steps:

  1. Access / maintain recruitment policy
  2. Build the strategies
  3. Place a job offer
  4. Resume screening
  5. Phone screening
  6. Assessment
  7. Interview scheduling
  8. Conversation with candidate
  9. Physical interview
  10. Gather feedback
  11. Place and negotiate an offer
  12. Conduct background checks
  13. Provide orientation

So, recruitment is not a simple but essential part of the organization, therefore, it is important to have technology’s support for the enchantment of effectiveness. Recruiter by WorrkBox is a software solution to support and improved complete recruitment process its features have enhanced the user-friendliness and data accessibility.

Key Features of Recruiter by SolutionDot

Significant features of the recruiter by SolutionDot are:

  1. It allows the recruiter to post a job with the complete description of their required candidate.
  2. Resume could be easily and effectively import
  3. List of candidates is easy to update and import from
  4. It will efficiently and automatically manage the interaction with candidates.
  5. Automatically track the candidate throughout the process of recruitment.
  6. Manage complete data including candidate conversation and management feedback on one platform.
  7. Maintain a list of right or potential candidate.
  8. Jobs automatically share to all social media platform.
  9. Remove candidate redundancy
  10. The recruiter can communication with the internal team as well as a candidate through the same

Recruiter by SolutionDot is a comprehensive solution for recruitment department for smooth and organized workflow that enables the visibility of whole procedure.