Event Management System

Keep your Business Synchronized, and Product Flow Efficient.

SolutionDots’ Event Management System (EMS) offers features of conference and seminar for organizers for online ticketing & event registration. As professional in the field of Event Management System, SolutionDots EMS will knowledgeably inform you in any matter of attendee management & event marketing. As a result you will obtain more attendees in less time.

EMS oversees and provides peace of mind so that companies can focus on growth and providing outstanding customer service.

Event Management System Key Features:

  • Reduce Budget- Earn more with less Expense.
  • Online Payment collection from anywhere in the World.
  • Automated Email Notifications.
  • Improve Attendee Experience & Drive Attendee.
  • Customized Attendee Notifications.
  • Streamline Events Management Process.
  • Simplified Reporting-Integrated financial control of billing & invoices.
  • No additional Transaction Charges.
  • Export Reports in desired format, even links for real-time updates for both suppliers & stakeholders.
  • Store Events Records in a Single DataBase System.
  • Powerful Marketing of events on social media interface to catch more customers.
  • Multiple Events Promotion in a bundle to potential customers.
  • Scheduling of Resources required for event (projectors, conference/meeting rooms, presenters, etc).
  • Keep an eye on Event History by attendee.
  • Wait List Management for oversold events.

Event Management System Modules:

Although Event Management System (EMS) of SolutionDots is covering a huge number of modules. But we let you customized with essential/required modules according to your Event Size & Domain.

  • Attendee Management
  • Events Booking
  • Events Management
  • Payments & Checkouts
  • Document & Services Management
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Product Bundling

SolutionDots listen to your objectives and needs and then develops a plan that works for you… Come up with inspirational creativity with WOW factor. We never forget about Client Confidentiality and Privacy that’s key fundamentals of our company & to our customers.

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