Get your own store up online,
also can integrate your shop,
running in no time.
Easy B2C order management and online inventory control.
Our powerful control panel makes everyday tasks faster and easier.

Retail ERP Software

Run your business worldwide from a single platform that chains online shopping and Retail Erp Solutions.

SolutionDots is the leading modern Retail ERP Solutions that renovate the executive and retail operations of your business of all sizes.

The award winning SolutionDots ERP platform delivers absolute information and confirmations based knowledge when and where required—ease informed & effective decisions to improve the quality of business, POS, online store, financial, Inventory, costing, assets management and HR controls.

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 Retail ERP Solutions System Features:

Although Retail ERP Solution System of SolutionDots is covering a huge number of modules. But we let you customized with essential/required modules according to your Business Size & Domain.

  • Flexible

  • Use the Retail ERP solutions, applications and modules you need when you need them.
  •  And turn on additional functionality as you grow.
  •  Easily access Pre -Integrated best-in-class.
  •  Retail to customize and manage your data in a way that match with your retail needs.
  •  Complete

  •  Run the tools you need all on a single system.
  •  Eliminate manual data entry.
  •  Reduce errors.
  •  Drive productivity.
  •  SolutionDots offers the retail cloud features retailers need to completely manage their business.
  • Secure

  • SolutionDots has been developed and implemented with multiple layers of data redundancy for inclusive security and business stability.
  • Connected

  • React quicker to changing market trends.
  • Familiar by customer’s need with what they want, where they want it and when they want it.

Built-in marketing tools

Drive traffic with coupon codes, product comparison listings and much more.

Powerful SEO features

Customizable product descriptions, metadata and URLs, rank highly on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

99.94% uptime and 24/7 monitoring

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