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Human Capital Management HCM Software

Maximize The Worth of Your Company’s Most Significant Resource!

Human capital management (HCM Software) is an approach to employee staffing that perceives people as resources (human capital) whose current value can be determined and whose potential worth can be improved by investment.

Whilst maximizing the value of your company’s most important resource, its workers, you also require reducing what you spend on managing it. Moreover, as your organization grows, discover more cost-effective, flexible solutions to control you’re growing, miscellaneous and isolated workforce becomes a need.

During the development of HCM team of SolutionDot have focused on the core strategic steps such as workforce planning, competency management, performance management, time & expense management, hiring plan, organization visualization and reporting & analytics etc.

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What is SolutionDot is offering in HCM?

SolutionDot has developed a complete and comprehensive software solution for human capital management, the key features of the system are:

Automation & streamlined flow: HCM is developed to provide completely automatic task management with a streamlined process.

Single database: HCM developed by SolutionDot has a single database that centralized the complete data and the management.

Report generation: It is a system that allows generating the precise reports of required data.

Performance Management: HCM developed by SolutionDot is an ideal solution for the management of employee’s performance.

Streamline payroll: SolutionDot has streamlined the complete payroll system with the help of HCM.

Workforce Management: HCM developed by SolutionDot allows you to manage the complete workforce of the organization.

Different modules segregation

SolutionDot has designed HCM software to maximize the efficiency in the organization work by accuracy in workflow & resolving timing issues. SolutionDot has developed in different modules to make it more innovative and efficient.

  • HRM Human Resource Management:
  • Talent Management
  • Time Tracking
  • Workflow planning & analytic
  • Absence Management
  • Payroll Solutions
  • Recruitment strategies
  • Organization Management
  • Find Top Talented Employee