Java’s importance in Today’s Development Era

Java’s importance
Two decades are enough to demonstrate the Java’s importance as a programming language. It has expanded strength with every passing day and prove itself a front line programming language. If we talk about the application development, it is Google’s choice, especially for Android apps.

Reason behind Java’s importance

There are a lot of reasons that keep its worth for a long time some of them are enlisted below:
  1. It is platform independent language because the developers just compile their Java code once into bytecode. Afterward, they deploy that bytecode across various platforms without any further compilation.
  2. Java is one the mature and established programming language, it keeps evaluating that enhance its efficiency.
  3. It supports common OOP concepts including inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation and abstraction. That makes it easy to learn and use within a short period of time.
  4. Developing the Android application in Java is preferably recommended by Google. This recommendation declared Java’s importance in today’s development era.
  5. Java owns a rich set of application programming interfaces (APIs) and beat other languages in this category. It allows the developers to complete their tasks without writing additional codes.
  6. Developers may gain benefit with a variety of frameworks, IDEs, libraries and other development tools through Java.
  7. Its security features make it easier for the programmers to develop large and enterprise applications.
  8. It is used by the programmers for the development of real-time software, compatible with different devices and platforms.
These are the few features that keep it one for the best programming language for developers as well as beginners. Its scalability, maintainability, networking, security and performance attract the developers.