How Applicant Tracking System Helps in Recruitment

How Applicant Tracking System Helps in Recruitment

It was simply one more Monday when Shreya, a spotter at an IT Company gazed at her workstation glancing through the empty positions in the organization. It had been over multi-month, yet the association was not ready to fill in the absolute most basic parts with recruitment software. The suggestions gave by Application Tracking System (ATS) are not amazing, referrals are not working, and they have officially missed on some potential applicants over their rivals since they didn't get to them in time.

Importance of an Applicant Tracking System (ATS):

Shreya chose to take up the issue to the enlistment head with a proposal to supplant the present ATS System. She had been finding out about a portion of the more up to date participants in the ATS showcase which had a lot of extravagant accessories with recruitment software. She trusted the new highlights would help with better employing. Her enrollment head, notwithstanding, revealed to her that changing to another ATS would not have been a simple thing. One reason was that they had joined a multi-year contract with the ATS specialist organization and changing to another ATS implied previous the cash and paying for another ATS or recruiting software for small business. Alternate reasons were added that there would be a considerable measure of time they would need to contribute to assess and limit on the ATS they need to run with. Notwithstanding this, the enrollment specialists will all must be prepared on the new framework once more, and it may be a couple of months before they adjust altogether to the new framework, amid which time their effectiveness won't be ideal. The Talent Acquisition group set up a gathering with their present ATS specialist organization and shared their problem about how the item isn't meeting their new needs, and how they may design not to reestablish their agreement for another monetary in the event that they found a superior arrangement. Rohan Kumar, CEO of the ATS Company, got stressed after the gathering. It was the third customer who had comparative perspectives over the most recent five months. Every one of the customers needed something 'additional' from the ATS, which the new participants in the ATS advertise were putting forth, (for example, posting potential match resumes against sets of expectations, Chabot help, and so on.). He was irritated by the considerations of losing business to these new ATSs.

Inside the separated universe of HR innovation and enlistment programming, ATS is maybe the most abhorred among the enrollment office with WorrkBox recruitment software.

This is on account of a portion of the ATSs utilized by organizations are crude, unwieldy to use, with confounded, (best case scenario) and for the most part, rudimentary pursuit usefulness, which can't help look for and find possibly awesome applicants. It impacts the association's capacity to take advantage of potential applicants in time with recruitment software. This is gradually controlling towards bringing about a business misfortune for ATS specialist co-ops since associations are slanted to move towards administrations that offer every one of the highlights they require.


Putting resources into new advances or moving to a superior framework might be a reasonable alternative hypothetically. In any case, given the expenses (not simply financial) included, it accompanies an impressive cost which your business won't not will to foot. All in all, how would you ensure you don't miss out on a potential applicant and business because of the present inadequacies of your ATS?