Things Your Restaurant POS Must Have


Assessing and looking for a POS framework can be a difficult encounter for anybody. There are a lot of significant number of factors that you probably won't realize where to start.

One thing is without a doubt; you would prefer not to hold up until the last moment to buy your new POS system. You need to give yourself a lot of time to research and look at the capacities and highlights of the various software you're thinking about to purchase. Installing and learning of software shall also take some time so over all process is about one month long.

Let's have a look at some of the features which are necessary for your retail and restaurant business.

Must be Easy to Use

What you need to search for are the simple ways to do fundamental errands like spot orders, send passes to the kitchen, split checks, reorder drinks, brisk look at, and so forth. It might require some investment to become familiar with the product design since all of them are somewhat unique, yet you'll need to ensure that the format is natural and it's simple for you to achieve basic tasks.

So, discover a Restaurant POS that is anything but difficult to utilize. Another tip is to discover other cafe proprietors that have a similar framework you're considering to buy and ask whether they'll let you see the framework in real life.

Inventory Control

Some of the businessmen might argue that inventory control feature is not that much essential to have in your Coffee Shop POS, but they are wrong. It allows you to keep track of available food and beverages. Most of the quality POS will have built in inventory control feature, so there is no reason not to utilize this feature. 


The main concern, in any case, is to ensure your framework has the stock administration highlights you need or has the options of modifications according to the client requirements.

Reservations & Table Management

Any comprehensive POS for  restaurants or coffee shop will have this feature for sure. In case you're doing table seating, you clearly will require this element, and it's basic for dealing with your front of house tasks. 

You'll need to know the status of your tables at some random time. For example which tables are involved, being cleared or are accessible. The program ought to likewise integrate with a booking system that can rapidly refresh your table status dependent on client reservations. This combination makes a consistent encounter for dealing with your tables and guest plans.

Marketing Options

Having the assets and devices that you have to help showcase and develop your business are similarly as significant as gathering cash from clients. You need features in your POS that are  going to assist you with developing your income and keep clients returning. 

Highlights like dedication programs, gift vouchers, client rewards, informing devices, programmed advancements dependent on client's buy movement, and unique marketing techniques to drive traffic during moderate occasions.


The discussed features are some of the very basic and you must consider them while buying you restaurant POS. Give the selection process some time. Research thoroughly and then act wisely to take your business to quick growth and enhanced productivity.