Biometric Time Attendance System in Saudi Arabia

Biometric Time Attendance System in Saudi Arabia

Biometric Time Attendance System in Saudi Arabia

This article is all about the 'Biometric Time Attendance System'. What is Biometrics? What are the advantages of Biometric System? What are the usage of biometric attendance system in Saudi Arabia? You'll get a complete information about biometric time attendance system in Saudi Arabia.

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 What is Biometrics?

Biometrics word is basically a Greek word combination of two words Bio and Metrics (bio mean life and metrics meaning to measure).

Biometrics is generally referred to metrics study of people’s biological characteristics. Human biometrics are usually used for authentication of a real person. This technology is widely used for identification of individuals that are under surveillance.


There are two main types of biometric identification which are:

  1. Physiological
  2. Behavioral

1. Physiological

Physiological characteristics of human mean its shape and composition of the body. There are several types for physiological biometric identification. Some of the most popular physiological biometric identification schemes are:


In physiological face recognition, biometric identification is done by analysis of facial characteristics. Face recognition is non intrusive and cheap technology.


For fingerprint recognition match analysis of an individual’s unique fingerprint is done. This technique is totally reliable because every human being fingerprints is different from each other. Accuracy of fingerprints is very high and reduces the size of database memory required.

Hand Geometry

Hand geometry of a person is recognized by analysis of the length of fingers and the shape of the hand. Palm pattern and fingers length are scanned to recognize in hand geometry technique to match and identify a specific person.


Retina recognition is done by using lower frequency beam to scan eye. In this physiological technique blood vessel at the back of eye is checked to match unique pattern. The accuracy of retinal scanning is very high and there is no known way to replicate a retina.


Same as retina recognition low-frequency beam is use and analysis of the colored ring that surrounds the eye's pupil is checked for recognition. The accuracy rate of iris scanning is also high and verification time is generally less than five seconds.


In order to recognize the signature style of a particular person, machine used to records' writing style, word pattern & sometimes spellings of the name.

Most of the time user use unique spellings of their name instead of conventional/ traditional one. Signature scanning is non-intrusive and cheap technology take little time of verification about five seconds per signature of a person.


A physiological vein is recognized by the matching vein pattern on the back side of the hand or wrist vein structure to identify the authorized person only.


Every person voice tone, pitch and frequency is different from each other. You can set specific command for your recognition. But a little bit change in voice due to cold can change a person’s voice, making absolute identification difficult or impossible.


Every human DNA is different from each other because of its internal structure. So DNA accuracy rate is very high and it is impossible that the system made mistakes.

2. Behavioral

Behavioral technique recognizes person by the behavior of a person like how he walks use scanners for it. Improved behavioral authentication techniques are brain wave signaling and electronic Tattoos.

Biometric Technology as an Attendance System

We can use biometric time attendance system technology for employee attendance management because of its ability to recognize people by their unique physiological characteristics.

Now days in the markets biometrics time attendance systems are becoming more popular to manage attendance. The biometric time attendance system by finger scanning stops proxy attendance of any employee and it is more reliable than card swapping.

Because If an employee is late other can easily swap his/her card that’s why biometric time attendance system is best. Biometric time attendance system in Saudi Arabia is used widely.

AS we know that every person fingerprint is unique from each other. The biometric finger scanner technique is chosen over traditional PIN code and Password based methods.

Biometric system stop buddy punching and you don’t need to remember passwords or need to carry any token to enter.

Mainly there are three methods for scanning fingerprints

  • Optical Scanners
  • Thermal Scanners
  • Capacitance

Advantages of Biometric Time Attendance System

  1. Biometric time attendance system stops buddy punching or proxy.
  2. The accuracy rate of biometric scanning is very high.
  3. It can perform one too many comparisons.
  4. As compared to other attendance systems equipment is inexpensive.
  5. Biometric system is user-friendly and safe to use.
  6. Fingerprints are much harder to fake and make fools.
  7. No one can guess the fingerprint pattern like passwords.
  8. Like access card you can’t miss your finger.
  9. The user doesn’t need to remember long passwords.
  10. You can’t forget your finger prints like passwords.
  11. Attendance by biometric finger scanner is fast and time saving method.
  12. No one can steal or guess your password combination.
  13. The biometrics finger scanning system gives you accurate results.
  14. The biometrics finger scanning system is easy to install.
  15. It can easily identify or reject an authorized person in seconds.
  16. Companies can easily check the employee clock in and clock out time.
  17. It helps companies to manage the numbers of employee’s data efficiently and effectively.
  18. Biometric time attendance control labor costs by reducing over-payments.
  19. Employees over timing hours can easily be calculated.
  20. Reduce costly manual payroll and data entry errors.
  21. BY biometric time attendance system Holidays management is easy and simple.
  22. Provide facility of access anytime, and from anywhere via a web browser.
  23. Biometric time attendance system eliminates the need to calculate vacation, sick and other paid time off.
  24. Biometric fingerprints scanner take less than five seconds for verification.

How Does a Fingerprint Scanner Work?

A fingerprint Scanner works on two basic principles. First, it needs to get an image of a finger, then it needs to determine whether the pattern of ridges and valleys in this image matches the pattern of ridges and valleys in pre-scanned images.

Fingerprint scanner saves specific characteristics of every unique finger and saved as an encrypted biometric key. Scanner never saved image of a finger, the only series of number (binary) code for verification purposes.

No one can change the algorithm into an image so it is totally impossible to duplicate your fingerprints.

Use of Biometric Time Attendance System in Saudi Arabia

Large number of offices, schools, firms, companies and many other are using a biometric time attendance system in Saudi Arabia.

For biometric fingerprints scanners SolutionDots provide a product name Drive HR biometric time attendance system in Saudi Arabia. Read Worthy Features of HR & Payroll System.

DriveHR by SolutionDot' Human Resources (HR) and Payroll System offers fully integrated functionality to payroll departments to access, process, operates & manages all aspects of the organization.

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HR Software & Payroll Systems Key Features:

  1. Employees Electronic Record Management
  2. Employees Assessment
  3. Streamline Accurate Reporting
  4. Improved Employee Services
  5. Improved Quality Control
  6. Employee travel and expense handling
  7. Administrative Rights Management System
  8. Performance evaluations and salary matrix maintenance
  9. Calculate allowances and process the reimbursement of expenses
  10. Simplified administration of payroll by defining employees by post
  11. Comprehensive employee file maintenance
  12. Improve Visibility & Transparency
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The DriveHR cloud attendance machine provides a live data management system when you are far away from your employees working locations.

DriveHR biometric time attendance system in Saudi Arabia is most effective and an advance method to collect employee’s data in time. Built in wifi and real time “Push” cloud technology provides the facility of monitoring everything live.


There are many application and software solution are available for security systems, but biometric technology is best so far.

Biometrics technology has many advantages and improves many ambiguities from our life, such as: improve security status and its effectiveness, reduce fraud, password administration costs, easy to use and make live more comfortable.

Although still biometric time attendance system in Saudi Arabia has many concerns such as physical privacy and religious objections, user can’t deny the fact that this technology will change our lives for the better.